Jan. 1st, 2009

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This morning I find myself a whole second older than I had expected!  Who on earth works out these Hard Sums, let alone decides when they should be corrected?

I know it's probably only sad old gits like us who stay home at New Year and watch Jools Holland, but are we the only ones who found last night's Hootenanny a trifle gloomy?  Apart from Martha and the Vandellas (sp?), everyone seemed very downbeat and the audience was very subdued, apart from dear old Lenny Henry, who, as Charles observed, goes through life as if he were three drinks ahead of anyone else.  I wonder whether the BBC took advantage of the new financial conditions to restrict the amount of booze at the party?  Shame they didn't observe the same thriftiness at other, less public parties they held last year.  £40,000 for 300 people for the launch of Merlin?  They'd have spent the money better on a more believable script and less wooden actors!  The lack of booziness made it a bit difficult for poor old Jools who desperately kept re-interviewing Jo Brand and Al Murray (who I can't stand).

And, Newcastle City Council, where were the fireworks?  What else are you for?

Poor Morgan had his New Year ruined by idiots blowing those thingies which shoot out a paper tongue and make a rude noise, and letting off party poppers.  Since we also had lots of candles, it's a miracle we didn't start a fire.  I can't help thinking it's a bit juvenile for three normally reasonable, sane people to do this just because one minute has passed into another, but we defiantly do it anyway.  In fact, if I remember correctly, last year, when it was a lot warmer, we erupted into the street for a few minutes, to show that everyone wasn't dead!

I remember Christmas Dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in Limassol many years ago, where we did, in actual fact, set the table decorations alight with our party poppers.  That was a very good Christmas and New Year.  I heartily recommend Cyprus for a Christmas holiday;  the celebrations are great, there's always something to do and loads of historical sites to visit, and the Cypriot Greeks don't believe in serving food almost cold, well not to us Brits, anyway.  Not only that, but while it's about 70F in the daytime, although much colder at night, if it snows up on Mount Olympus, as it did while we were there, one can get a lot of amusement watching the Cypriots driving incompetently in the snow and walking about in furs and stilettoes, well, the women, anyway.  Don't get the impression I despise them.  I thought they were lovely, kind and welcoming people.  And incredibly well dressed, all the time!

Oooo!  And I forgot to mention their wonderful mezze!  And the gorgeous seafood.

It was a really interesting holiday from the point of view of a clash of cultures.  There were several wealthy Arab families staying at the hotel and the women and female chidren spent the entire day changing their frocks time after time, whereas we were out all day and on our return trailed dust, sand and sea-shells across the vast atrium, which was also a public space for bars and tea-time things for the well-dressed.  I know who I think had the better time!

Today is lovely!  I hope it means more sun this year!  I've just had to send John to Tesco to buy some eggs, otherwise we can't have Yorkshire puddings with our beef, as I stupidly used all the remaining eggs in an enormous omelette last night.  Shopping on New Year's Day!  The shame of it!  It is, however the first shopping we've done since the day before Christmas Eve.

I rarely make New Year Resolutions, but I've made a couple this year about how I spend my time.  I'm not going to say what they are, though, in case I can't keep them up.

I had a late Christmas present arrive yesterday, which was rather nice and prolongs the Christmassy feeling.  It's Lesley Garret's Amazing Grace CD which I'm very pleased with;  she is without doubt my favourite female singer.

So far 2009 feels rather nice!

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Mainly with myself.

Charles has just told me that last night's Hootenanny was pre-recorded.  No wonder it was so lacklustre!

And if we'd only bothered to consult the Radio Times, we could have watched Elton John live at O2!!

Serves me right!  However, I have examined the RT and find there's no hint that it's been recorded.  Charles further informs me that it's always been pre-recorded.  I feel very stupid now.


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