Jan. 12th, 2009

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I finally got myself together enough to telephone the DLA people asking about my missing DLA.  They said they had already transferred responsibility for these payments to the State Pension people.  This explains the extra payment I received from them last week.  However, it was one week short of what I was owed.

So I rang the Pensions People and it turns out that they had paid me a week's DLA along with my State Pension in December and I hadn't even noticed!

It's really infuriating when you gear yourself up for an argument with Officialdom and they turn out to be in the right after all, and it just adds insult to injury when they answer the phone almost immediately and are courteous, helpful and jolly!  What is the Welfare State coming to?  I remember an uncle (who I shan't  name to protect the guilty), who was a post office cashier in a big main post office, and who really enjoyed pulling down his "Not available" blind at the very second he was able to do so, never mind the poor hooter who had been queueing for 15 minutes and had finally got to the head of the queue.

I'm very fond of this uncle, but he was also the one who wrote to the Local Authority complaining about a tree which kept shedding leaves, like once a year, which blew into his garden, and succeeded in having it cut down.  It was the only tree for miles!


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