Jan. 19th, 2009

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I finally got around to doing my tax self-assessment online this afternoon.  I didn't do it until the 28th. January last year

I have to say that it's a much better way of doing it than filling in that endless form by hand, especially as you can save it part-way through and go back to it later, not that I did so.  I did have a bit of a panic when I couldn't find my ID and password, but I found them just as I was going to give in and ask for an e-mail, thus putting it off again.

This year tax "owing"  from last year (Snort!!) is less than £100, but even so I've had to put it on the credit card, because, although I do have enough money to pay for it, I don't know how much it's going to cost to have the lights in the kitchen fixed.  We've waited all this time since the plumbing disaster, to see whether the lights might have dried out and miraculously work again, but sadly they don't, so I've phoned Chris and he's coming on Wednesday;  however I have no idea whether we shall have to replace the kitchen lights or not, nor how much the whole thing will cost.  (Crosses fingers, throws salt over left shoulder and hobbles widdershins around the room).  I also have to find the money for my writing course.  I had it all sorted out before People Who Shall Be Namless, But Who Know Who They Are put a nail through a heating pipe when nailing down a floorboard, since when I've paid out a totally unexpected £94 and expect to have to pay more.

I've had to bite the bullet because we could no longer wait to clean the kitchen properly and Charles has manfully been doing it in the semi-dark, since the kitchen gets little light in the winter and today even less than usual.  It's also getting a bit tiresome trying to cook without the main lights, even though we have the table lamps from the sitting room and spare bedroom in there as supplements.

We've done hardly anything over the weekend as I've been feeling extraordinarily tired and breathless, today as well;  sometimes I wonder whether there's something wrong with my pills.  I did have a fairly busy week last week, though, so maybe that's the reason.

Phoebe is being sick all over the place, although she seems perfectly happy and healthy and is eating as much as she ever does.  Charles remembered that last time this happened it was because she was constipated so we've administered a minute dose of liquid paraffin (about 2 ml)  - poor baby!  It probably wasn't a large enough dose, but I didn't dare give her too much and Charles can't find the cat-book.  Strangely enough, although she hated having it administered, it sems to have perked her up, although there have been no visible results so far.


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