Jan. 22nd, 2009

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Happy Birthday!


And many, many, happy returns.

Sorry, I don't know how to do little stars and so on.  Just imagine lots of dark blue and pink balloons with silver streamers.

I hope you have a lovely day and feel well enough to enjoy a celebration meal.


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I missed my writing class today, buggrit!  I woke up after only an hour's sleep and couldn't get back to sleep again for hours and hours.  When the alarm went off, I'd been asleep for about an hour.  I slept through 2 further alarms and didn't wake up till almost 10.00.  John didn't wake me because he thought I needed the sleep, which I did, of course, but I was rather blue to miss my class, and on such a lovely day, too.  The weather forecast was for horrid rain all day, but we actually had clear blue skies with lots of sunshine and it was warmer than it has been recently, too.  It certainly cheers me up when we have a lovely day unexpectedly.

It was, in fact, ideal weather to go out somewhere, but I had a sort of sleep hangover and couldn't raise the energy, so I spent today waking up and slowly continuing my de-cluttering exercise.  I now have more desk surface than impedimenta and that will improve even more tomorrow when the Christmas biscuit tin has dried out and will take all my personal important documents like passport, birth certificate etc., which up till now have been kept in a series of crumbling brown envelopes, and little sentimental notes, cards and such which I have kept for years and can't bear to throw away.

Tomorrow I plan to weed my "personal" file;  that should make a lot more room in my tiny filing drawer.

I've been playing with my new keyboard today.  I'm delighted to find that it has a key to put the PC instantly on stand-by, and various other keys which bring up Word, Excel, my e-mail program, Windows calculator, one to post to LJ, one to make a new folder, one to print and one to save.  There's a button which takes me straight to Google, three buttons to control the sound, one to check the keyboard battery and three programmable buttons which I haven't even considered programming yet.  There's a button to call up my image manipulation program, plus four more keys to manipulate images and five buttons to navigate my PC music collection if I had one.  Even Charles, whose thoughtful present it was, is impressed and talking about acquiring one himself.  I expect most people who read this have already got spiffy keyboards which do all these things, but I didn't even know they existed.

I only have one complaint about it.  For some reason prolonged use of the keyboard moves it slightly to the left and when I go to put it back where it belongs, I nearly always manage to hit the image manipulation button.  The mouse is quite light and easy to use, but not quite as programmable as my old Logitech mouse.  I keep trying to swap the left click and double click buttons but haven't yet found a way to do so.  Never mind, it's the only problem and it probably does have a solution I've not yet discovered.

Yesterday Charles helped me repair the shelves in my wardrobe and since I had to take all the stuff off the shelves, it was the perfect opportunity to throw things away.  I decided that I'd better hang on to my NHS wig, which I've never worn, just in case I get a recurrence of the cancer and need more chemotherapy, but I've decided to get rid of my nasty, clumsy, too-big NHS breast prosthesis.  I feel as though I ought to try to find some way of recycling it to someone who needs one, but have no idea of how to go about it.  There's no point in my keeping it because I hardly ever use a prosthesis and when I do, I use a much smaller, light-weight "sports" versions which I acquired from the Internet, so it's just sitting there taking up valuable space and weighing down my shelf unnecessarily.  You wouldn't believe how much the hootering thing weighs!

Tomorrow, if I get round to it, I shall clear out the bottom sliding shelf of the wardrobe.  It's a bit like going into an unknown area of a map marked "Here be Dragons"! I know there are shoes in there which I haven't worn for years and a range of handbags, some of which are really too shabby to use now.  Heaven knows what else I shall find in there.  I expect the cats will get very excited and make perfect nuisances of themselves.

Oooer!  It's midnight.  I must go to bed to listen to "Guards, Guards" on Radio 7!


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