Feb. 9th, 2009

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I appear to have the winter vomiting virus.  Thrown up seven or eight times since 9.00 and can't even keep down water.  I'm drinking tiny sips of ginger ale mixed with mineral water, since ginger ale was something I could take when I had that horrible stomach thing on the cruise a couple of years ago, but it's not staying down.  At least I don't seem to have diarrhoea any more.  Not surprising really, as there can't be much left to get rid of.

I do hope I haven't passed it on to the family.  I've got Charles to disinfect the bathroom and the kitchen surfaces, but that might be a case of stable doors and bolting horses since apparently I will have been infectious for 48 hours before it manifested itself.  I've told Charles to throw out the half of a slow cooked leg of lamb left over from yesterday just in case.  What a terrible waste of delicious food!

Apart from anything else, it's so boring staying in bed as the surgery nurse told me to do.   At least it means I'm near the bathroom.  Going back to bed now.


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