Feb. 10th, 2009

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Yesterday I couldn't keep anything down until late afternoon, when Charles suggested trying some Ginger Beer.  I made up tiny drinks, one third Ginger Beer and two thirds mineral water and sipped very tiny sips, at first one every hour, then later one every half hour.  By the time I went to bed I was able to drink a whole small glass of Ginger Beer without throwing up.

I still have diarrhoea, though; last night I found some imodium, which didn't seem to have much effect, but this morning got John to buy me some more and it now seems to be working, thank Goodness.

About an hour ago I ate my first food since Sunday dinner, only a Mullerlight Yoghurt, such as I normally eat for breakfast, so I shall try something else later and if that stays down, I shall take the most important of my pills.  It's very strange but I don't feel the slightest bit hungry.  What's really aggravating is that this is going to completely skew my blood glucose results for my annual diabetic review on Tuesday.  Sigh!

I wouldn't feel too bad now, except that I have one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced and I feel as though every fibre of my body aches;  I can't get comfortable whatever I do, not lying down, not sitting up in bed, not sitting in the chair.........

I can't read, I can't listen to the radio and I certainly can't watch TV, since I seem unable to comprehend what's going on.

I was supposed to be going for my first session at the cardiac rehab class at the gym on Friday, but I'm going to have to feel an awful lot better by then if I'm to go.

Still, uncomfortable though I feel, it's nowhere near as bad as when I was puking up bile umpteen times yesterday.  That was really uncomfortable and quite scary.

I hope none of the family gets it.  I've made them stay away from me, although John seems to think he's immune and I have to keep shouting at him to stay away.

I can tell how ill I am by the fact that our new DECT phones arrived today and I've just handed them over to Charles to deal with, rather than reading the instructions from cover to cover and trying to set them up myself.

Thanks for everyone's good wishes;  I've just been too zorsted to reply individually.


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