Feb. 11th, 2009

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Today I'm feeling much better, but I'm as weak as a very weak thing.  I keep feeling dizzy even when sitting down;  I can't stand up for more than a few minutes and feel very wobbly even when I am up.

On the plus side, all the aches and pains have disappeared and the Headache of Doom has gone, thank God!

I realise that the feak weebleness is probably because I'd only eaten a couple of yoghurts and two scrambled eggs from Sunday dinner till today's lunchtime, when I had toast and marmite followed by cereal, but I really can't think of anything I fancy to eat.  I certainly haven't felt hungry yet and have only eaten because I know I must.  I don't even fancy poached fish with mashed potato which is what I usually crave when I'm ill.

We're all having rather juvenile fun trying out various things with our new DECT phones.  I've set my handset to ring with a snatch of The Four Seasons, although I can't at present remember which Season it's from, owing to my head being full of cotton wool and rags.  And I can't remember where that comes from now, either.  Google and Wiki are no help at all.  Maybe it was "cotton, hay and rags"?

These phones are much better from every point of view, taking up less room than the old handsets, except that I didn't realise that each handset needs its own electric plug, and the one in the kitchen has had to be plugged into an extension lead, leaving yards and yards of wires all knotted together (thank you Charles!);  I feel far too feeble to sort it out today.  Anyway, it's such a relief to know that everyone is now available at the ring of an internal number and that John and Charles can answer incoming calls and make outgoing calls without going downstairs to the phone in the kitchen or using my phone.  I have no idea why the old system has suddenly gone wonky, because it's only 10 years old, but maybe that's really old for modern day systems! 

Doubtless it would seem strange to other people who only have one handset per household, for us to have a system with four handsets between three people, but ours is a very tall thin house with lots of stairs and we spend a lot of time apart in our own rooms, and since I've been ill, I can't bear not being able get hold of John or Charles urgently, or being unable to ring out from my room in an emergency.  As it is, John has insisted that I carry my mobile around with me, switched on at all times, but now I will be able to carry the ordinary phone around indoors, because it's no bigger than a rather small TV remote.  I had nothing whatsoever to do with installing it, but Charles managed it very quickly and easily without even any swearing.  I had wondered if it would be dificult to install, bearing in mind that the system Chris installed for us was quite complicated and I didn't understand it at all, but it seems to have presented no difficulties to Charles.  I shall have to ask him if he installed it over the top of the old system or took the old system out, or bypassed it in some way.  Since he just brought me a very welcome cup of tea, I asked him, and apparently he installed it on top of Christopher's system with no difficulty whatsoever.  How strange that all the phones are working properly when they weren't before.  Probably because the new ones are "wireless", which is a dreadful misnomer since they have more wires than the old ones.

Goodness! I've suddenly become very wobbly............maybe I should try to eat something


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