Mar. 27th, 2009

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Cross posted from theladiesloos

I need a small, very light, transportable computer.

I want to take it to the library with me, so I need it to be small and very light since my medical conditions make it difficult to carry anything heavy.  I doesn't have to be very advanced or have loads of whizz-bang apps., because mainly I want to be able to use it for my writing, as, owing to arthritis, my handwriting has become so bad that I can't read things back in order to copy them to the PC.  It would be quite nice if it were wifi enabled so that I could send e-mail and maybe look stuff up on the Internet, although the latter is not so important since I shall be in a very well-stocked library.  Of course, it's possible that I will get so enchanted with it that I will want to take it elsewhere for other purposes, although I don't know what they might be yet.

I need it to have a Windows OS, preferably XP, as the writing program I use for my novel is made for Windows. I also need to be able to install that program on the machine so that I can keep everything up to date.  I understand that some such notebooks/netbooks don't have any way of installing other programs, but that some have the ability to have things installed via a data stick.

It would be nice if it had a good long battery life when in use.

Naturally I don't want to spend any more money that I can avoid and I wouldn't mind buying second hand provided that I could be sure of what I was getting, but this presupposes that I know what I want and I have to admit that I've rather lost sight of new developments in the computer world.

So I'm hoping someone may have helpful informatiom for me.


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