Apr. 17th, 2009

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[livejournal.com profile] nevilley  posted this meme about electricity use

List all electrical appliances split into 3 lists.
Those that are on 24/7 eg. fridge
Those that are on or in standby. eg. TV set.
Those that are only on when in use  eg. toaster (italics if used less that once per week)
if possible, from your bills, work out your average KWh / day.

On 24/7

2 x fridge
1 Wifi access point ( 3 insomniacs need access 24/7)
4x DECT phones
2 bedside clocks

Either on or in standby

We no longer leave anything on standby.  Unless it's on 24/7, it's turned off at the wall plug when not in use.  This can be a bit of a bind but I'm fed up with huge bills, so we invested in several multi-plug extension leads.

On when in use

4 x TVs
4 x set top boxes
4 x DVD players
4 x VHS players
6 x radios
3 x PCs
3 x monitors
2 x printers
washing machine
tumble dryer
coffee machine
2 x vacuum cleaners
2 x kettle
CH pump
microwave cooker
room lights
3 x battery chargers
3 x phone chargers

cooker hood fan+light
2 x document shredders
3 x bedside lamps
2 x standard lamps
1 x table lamp
power drill and other electrical tools too numerous to mention
soldering iron
3 x room fans
3 x oil filled radiators
The Boy's electronic music equipment, again too much to mention even if I knew what it all was.
The Boy's Hi-Fi
Bathroom fan
Boiled egg cooker
Food processor
Forman grill
Bread machine
Hand whisk
Coffee bean/herbs/spice grinder

There's no way I can work out our average Kwh, because although I could do the arithmetic I lack the initial knowledge required about  various measurements of power and how to convert them.  Shame on me!

I'm not completely convinced that I've remembered every single appliance.

I do have quite a few other appliances which are powered by batteries


Apr. 17th, 2009 07:14 pm
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Yesterday we were visited by Linz ([livejournal.com profile] k425 ), Dave ([livejournal.com profile] oldbloke ) and the delightful Jack ([livejournal.com profile] youngbloke ).

We had lunch (cottage pie with various vegetables and stewed plums with cream) and a good deal of chat.

Jack is a lovely child and full of beans;  I can quite understand why Mother Nature has invented the menopause so that old women can't give birth, because if he were mine I would never be able to keep up with him.  It might be rather nice to be his Grandma, though.

Considering he'd never met any of us before and didn't really want to be there, because he was dying to get back to the swimming pool in the hotel, he was beautifully behaved.  He gave the cats a run for their money, too!!

We had a lovely time; it was so good to see them and they've promised to be back on a proper holiday in the area some time.

Today I had a cardiology appointment and this time I saw the consultant.  He asked me what I wanted to talk about, so I told him that the first medication he had prescribed had worked beautifully, but I'd been unable to keep taking it because of the intolerable side effects and how disappointed I'd been.

I told him that the medication I'm on now worked to a certain extent, but not so well, and that I ran out of energy between medication times.

I asked him if there were any surgical solutions, but he said not. *

He did say that he has two or three other things we can try and to start with he's increased the dose of the present medication to see if I don't get so breathless and run out of energy if I take an extra pill.  He actually asked me if I'd tried it!!  It would never occur to me to experiment with my heart medication, so I was a bit surprised by that, but I suppose I shouldn't be because he does advocate patients upping their diuretic doses themselves if they don't work well enough. 

I told him that I couldn't understand why sometimes the furosamide seemed to work better than other.  He said he didn't know either, but that other patients had observed the same thing.  I didn't tell him that at one stage I was beginning to wonder whether I was getting fake medication.

My pulse and blood pressure were fine, as they usually are, and he couldn't hear any problems with my chest or my heart through his stethoscope.

So for now I'm going to take an extra dose of irbesartan and go back to see him in three months.  He sent me for another echocardiogram and 2 X-rays and I have to go in a few weeks time to have the take-away 24 hour monitor attached again.

I do like him, he's so kind and sympathetic and he talks  to me like a human being, which the previous consultant never did.

When I asked about the surgery he said there was nothing other than maybe having a gastric band to help get my weight down which would help mitigate the effects of the heart failure.  I was very surprised and said that I'd understood that the operation was a bit risky, but he said they performed it routinely now and while there are no risk-free operations, it might be a great help to get my weight down.  He also described another procedure whereby they implant a false tube to take the food and which bypasses the stomach.  I think that's what he said, but on thinking about it, I can't understand how you'd get any nourishment at all, so I think I must have misunderstood.  He did say that if I wanted an operation I would probably have to wait as they have a bit of a backlog.

Anyway, I was rather taken aback, as I'd always thought putting in a gastric band was slightly undesirable and possibly dangerous so I said I would think about it.  When I spoke to them about it, John thought it was worth thinking about, but Charles is a bit anxious about the idea. I shall speak to my Lovely Lady Doctor about it next time I see her.  I think I would try just about anything which enabled me to walk properly again.  Losing weight would be a great help in getting better control over my blood glucose, too, so I shall think seriously about it.

The weather forecast for the weekend is for better warmer weather, so I hope to get some more work done in the yard, plant my herbs and sow a few seeds to go on the windowsill.


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