Apr. 22nd, 2009

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The lovely double-blossomed pink cherry tree over the road is about to burst into pale pink blossom;  at present it has dark pink buds.  When it finally comes out and starts shedding its blossom, the whole street will look as though there's been a wedding, with pink confetti everywhere. I would take a "before" photograph to put here in my LJ, but the sun is in exactly the wrong place. 

The sun is shining intermittently and it's a very bright day, but sadly the wind is coming in straight from the Urals and it's too cold for me in the yard this afternoon;  I'm even wearing my trousers and my mittens again and doubtless it will be on with the fluffy socks this evening.  We're hoping we won't have to turn the heating back on again.  It's a bit galling to hear about temperatures in the 70s in the South East!

John and Charles are out in the yard trying to fix the back gate, so the cats are locked in with me to prevent them getting in the way or going dancing off to the allotments, or wherever.

Even though I can't get into the yard and couldn't get out there yesterday, I still feel very cheerful because some of my seeds have germinated already.  I only planted them on Sunday!  Unfortunately I can't tell exactly what plants they are because the writing on the seed sticks has vanished, so I only know that they might be lettuce, or if not, they must be something else!

The reason I couldn't get out there yesterday is because I had a sudden onset of nausea and violent sickness half-way through the afternoon, just after I'd finished painfully making fishcakes for Charles' and my dinner.  I say painfully, because it's so difficult to extract the bones and manipulate the mixure into acceptable cake shapes when arthritis is bad.

I have absolutely no idea what caused it, but I wonder whether I ate too much cheese, thus causing the Revenge Of Byetta!  Upchucking and nausea are known side effects of exatanide, but I've only done it once before.  I did notice, too late, that I'd accidentally cut the cheese Far Too Thick for my lunch-time cheese on toast (lbooyd Arthur!), so maybe my stomach revolted.  I was rather cross that I didn't feel able to eat the fishcakes for dinner, but Charles had something else and we've frozen the fishcakes for us to eat next Tuesday on Boys' Night Out.  I was really pleased to be able to use fresh dill and tarragon from my pots in the yard instead of dried herbs.

My new hair clippers finally arrived today.  They're much more compact and modern than the two I had to throw away recently and tomorrow morning, before I have a shower, I shall finish clipping my hair on the left hand side at the back.  At least one book is still outstanding, though, and I wonder when it's going to arrive.

John went to Hexham last night to see David and Lucy boiled over again.  This is a bit of a disaster, because I'm meant to be going to a really important meeting in Halifax on Tuesday.  We're hoping Keith will be able to find out what's wrong and fix it before then........................Sigh!


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