Apr. 23rd, 2009

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I had forgotten till today what happened on Tuesday evening.

John had gone over to see David about 15 minutes previously when I saw two policepersons coming through the front gate.  They didn't have a normal panda car, but a large white van.

For some reason I immediately thought they were traffic police who had come to tell me John had had an accident, so rushed downstairs as fast as I could, (not really very fast), saying "Oh my god, it's the police, oh my god, it's the police" as I went, which was perhaps not a good idea if they were able to hear me from outside.  Fortunately Charles got there first and answered the door to two very macho policemen, one of whom was a woman.  I say fortunately because I got the impression that they might not have been averse to kicking the door down if we hadn't answered quickly enough.

They were quite polite, but somehow terse and aggressive at the same time.  They seemed rather taken aback to see me.  They asked if we were alone and I burbled something about John living here but being out and that I had thought they were coming to tell me he'd had an accident.  They looked at me as thought I was mad, then asked to see Pameer.  They didn't somehow seem very surprised to find that we didn't know anything about anyone called Pameer, but they did seem very angry.  I invited them to take a look round the house, but in the meantime the woman had radioed in and discovered that they'd been sent to the wrong address.

The whole experience really unnerved me.  I've always found the police very polite and helpful, but I felt quite scared of these two.  Afterwards I realised that the large white van was probably the latest incarnation of the paddywagon.

I only remembered about the incident this afternoon and was telling John about it as we were driving to Lidl.  Charles was stunned to find out that the shorter of the dibbles was in fact a woman.

Today it's been too cold to go in the yard, but lots more of my seeds have come up in the propagators on the dining-room windowsill.


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