Apr. 24th, 2009

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I seem to have done quite a lot today.  First I went to the cardiac rehab class at the gym, then I spent about half an hour trying to find Lakeland;  I didn't realise I was on the wrong level......sigh!

I finally managed to find it and bought a sturdy-looking replacement for my super-duper vegetable peeler, which it seems may have been thrown away.  By chance I found replacement wax discs to use in the burger-maker;  they'll also be useful for fish cakes.

I spent another half an hour trying to find a shop whose name I can't remember and the loo.  I find it next to impossible to navigate that Mall, even with a map.

After lunch we went to Costco, with a strict list we were not going to deviate from and once again came home having spent about twice what I meant to spend...........sigh!............  I really shouldn't take Charles, but he's so  much more useful than John who pushes the trolley off in the wrong direction or stands about gazing into space when I need him to get something I can't reach.

I feel quite tired now!

Today Morgan has been round the block at least three times.  John met him in the front garden when he came back from taking me to the town centre, he was waiting outside for us when we both got back from town and complaining very vocally at how long he'd had to wait to be let in and shortly afterwards, he came in when I opened the front door in answer to the doorbell.   No!  Sadly he hadn't discovered how to ring the doorbell, but came in when Anne-over-the-road came to collect her key because she'd locked herself out!

He goes out over the wall to the back yard and wanders off we know not where, finally reappearing outside the front door.  I think he's very clever to recognise it because until he started doing this he'd only ever come through the front door three times, once when he arrived, once on his return from his first visit to the vet, and again after his Operation, when he was pretty much out of it.

Oh!  I forgot the time he fell off my windowsill into the front garden!

I'm a little worried now that he may be waiting out there for ages sometime soon because no-one knows he's there.  Unless someone's in the front room, we can't hear him because we have a kind of air-lock inside the front door and wouldn't normally be able to hear anything outside the front door.  If I have my window open I shall doubtless be able to hear him, because he can be very vocal.

Yesterday morning, while I was still in bed, he came into my room with a very bedraggled earthworm which he proceeded to try to squeeze into the gap between the floorboards.  I grabbed the sick-looking creature (in a tissue.........ick)  and threw it out of the window.  Later we found the dead half of it in the hall, where Morgan proceeded to eat it.  Ugh!  They look so pretty and dainty, too!

Charles and I are so fed up with never being able to find anything we want to watch on TV that we're thinking of joining lovefilm, but can't decide which programme to go for.

I must try to remember to go to the garden centre this weekend because they have BOGOF herbs;  of course, I also have to remember to take the voucher with me!

My new hairclippers finally arrived on Wednesday and yesterday I used them to tidy up my hair.  They are impressively better than the other two pairs I had, because they have just one comb which slides up and down to give the different lengths instead of an unwieldy handful of combs to be swapped around.  I really can't understand how anyone can afford to sell these, new, on eBay for £2.98.  The postage cost more than the clippers!!  My hair feels so much better now.

I quite enjoyed cardiac rehab again and I asked one of the instructors if he felt I would be able to use the gym again when I'm fitter.  He said there should be no problem and that he'll think about how my various ailments may need to be accomodated and when I'm ready he'll have a one-to-one session with me to find out what I can and can't do.  Hurrah!

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I'm surprised and pleased that taking the extra tablet of irbesartan, as the cardiologist recommended, has already made quite a lot of difference to my breathlessness.  It's rather odd really, because the single tablet I was originally taking was meant to be the maximum dose, so I'm now taking twice the maximum dose.  It's true that I'm probably twice the size and weight of a small woman, so I suppose it's OK.  After all, he is the specialist!

Anyway!  Hurrah!


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