May. 7th, 2009

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Thank you everyone for your sympathy about the trip to York.

I'm feeling much better this morning and have decided to forget it for this time;  after all, as I reminded myself, I do love these people and they're not being deliberately unkind.

I will have a tactful word with John in a couple of week's time, when it won't be a hot topic.

I shall either spend Saturday in the yard potting with my pots or if it rains, watching DVDs!

And Charles is going to cook me one of his great dishes, Fabada!  He's even going out to do the shopping for it this afternoon!

And even though I've deleted the comments, I feel I should thank anonymous for the offer of her pussy to hide in :}

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I had an appointment with the ophthalmic consultant this morning.  Fortunately I remembered that they've moved things around in the hospital so went early, and took my scooter in case it was a long walk.  It was a long walk and the directions were incomprehensible.  Fortunately I encountered a nurse who had amassed a crocodile of patients all seeking Ophthalmology and she got us there.  I only had a minute to spare before the appointment time!

They put drops in my eyes again, but this time they stung ferociously although the nurse said they were the same ones as usual.

We had a conversation about the Gummint's new proposals for everyone to work till they're 70 before they can have a state pension.  She said that it's all very well for all these people who sit around on their bums all day while they're "working", but that she's on her feet for 10 hours a day and doesn't know how she will manage to keep going until she's 70 in 20 years' time.  I forbore to mention the MPs' fantastic pension scheme, let alone that of the (hock! ptui!) Prime Monster!.

The consultant was quite pleased with the way the aneurysm has shrivelled up but there is still a lot of exudate left, which should gradually disappear, so I didn't have to have any more treatment today (Hurrah!) and have another appointment in August.

Without the assistance of a nurse, it took me ages to find my way out of the hospital.

I was planning to sit in the yard and plant out some more stuff this afternoon, but it's just too bright for me.  I'm reduced to sitting here in the semi-dark, wearing my sunglasses.  If there are lots of typos, that will be the reason.  I travelled home from the hospital with my hood pulled right down over my eyes like some alienated teenager.

Stupid quiz

May. 7th, 2009 10:12 pm
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I took the 43 Things Personality Quiz and found out I'm an
Extroverted Self-Improving Believer


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