May. 16th, 2009

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We've had the electricity and gas bills today.  They've both been estimated, but although the electricity bill is sadly overestimated, the gas bill is sadly underestimated, so I probably owe them about £700 !!, of which I actually have just over half saved up!  I knew there would be retribution for spending money at the garden centre!

Oh well!  I didn't really want an acer anyway...................Sob!

I can't even have a stiff drink to numb the pain, either!

I've asked John to contact them on Monday and ask for amended bills, because I can't work out what the adjusted gas bill would be, except a lot higher.  Well, I can't actually work out the electricity bill, either!  That should put off the agony for a week or two.

All I can say is thank Glod we had our takeaway last night instead of waiting till tonight, when we traditionally have one before watching the Eurovision Song Contest.  Charles just couldn't wait till tonight, because our usual takeaway has been shut for repairs recently and has just re-opened and the other one we use has gone out of business.  Well, they would go out of business if they were waiting for us to order, because I found their food to be inconsistent;  it was usually too hot and the last straw was when they sent me something full of green chillis instead of spinach by mistake;  maybe it was the fact that they're both green that threw them............?  Are you allowed to use two semi-colons in one sentence?

I've had an incomprehensible letter from Skandia this morning telling me that they forgot to send me some important information in their latest letter, and when I examined it, it appears that they seem to think I asked to top up my pension fund.  Hoots of laughter! It's true that they're holding a teeny sum of money for me, contributed to a pension scheme by my late unlamented employers, which I've never bothered to claim yet as it wasn't available until I became 65 in February, and I rather naively thought that it might be a good idea not to claim it until stocks had risen and interest rates were better.  It won't be worth much more than fourpence ha'penny a week anyway;  the whole amount would probably pay the gas and leccy bills!

I've been looking at the stuff I planted out in the last couple of weeks and I'm struck by how much the garlic has grown.  I've never successfully grown garlic before and I have no idea how one knows it's ready to harvest.  And how do you replant it?  Do you just plant a single clove for each plant you hope to grow?

I did think I would go down into the yard to do a little more work, but it's come over very dark and gloomy and a cold wind has sprung up just now.  I wish it would warm up just a little so that I could plant out the tomato plants A sent me.  It's only just over a month to Mid-Summer's Day, so I wish the weatherman would just get his finger out and send us some warm weather.  We had a couple of lovely days recently and that's spoiled me!  As it is, I spent yesterday back in my winter uniform, even down to the leggings and fluffy socks; today's a little warmer but nothing to boast of.  I've been having a lot of trouble with my knee again in the last couple of weeks and it felt so much better last night that I think I need to keep it a lot warmer.  I hate being muffled up in loads of clothes, though. 

I wonder whether I can find a knitting pattern for a knee warmer that I could wear under my skirt.  Even I should be able to knit something simple like that!


May. 16th, 2009 09:14 pm
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What a ghastly set!!  I've heard of people trying to upstage each other, but I've never seen anything before where the scenery tried to dominate the singers.  It's dreadful !
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Black tights and white slingback stilettos?  Who thought that would be a good look?
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Well I have to say that overall it was the best Eurovision I've seen for many years, except for the ghastly set and light show.  Thank God someone made sure they turned all that horrible stuff off for our entry.  One of them was lit up like a circus and when there was a shot from above we could see that various green circles were rotating on the surface of the stage and making the whole thing look like something from Teletubbies.

I don't think the best song won by any means, but I suppose everyone was captivated by his boyish charm and decided to ignore the tinky-tonk tune and the daft lyrics.  I thought that half a dozen other entries, including ours were better than Norway, although I thought our lyrics were equally banal.  Never mind, it was a much better show than usual.  And I watched it without any alcoholic lubrication!


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