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Well, that was a bit of an anti-climax!

I went to the clinic by car, with John driving, because it's so difficult to find a parking space, even with a Blue Badge.

As it happened, my knee was almost perfectly OK today, which was a pleasant surprise, so the little walking I had to do to get the prescription from Outpatients' Pharmacy wasn't a problem, although I had to rest on the way back because it was uphill, and the forecast bad weather didn't arrive till much later this afternoon.

Yasmin, the nurse, explained everything to me and showed me how to inject myself.  I stuck the needle in but didn't inject anything because I'm not to start this stuff till tomorrow!  What's that all about, then?

I don't think it will be too difficult, because I have to inject into the fat round my abdomen and there's certainly plenty of that.  I didn't feel the needle going in at all, it stung a little coming out, but I think I may have jerked it slightly.  Anyway, I expect to get accustomed to it fairly easily.  It comes in what they call a "pen" in premeasured doses, so there's no problem about getting mixed up about quantities.  It may look a bit like a pen, but when you take the cap off, it's basically a pre-filled syringe, which has a new needle every time it's used.

I'm not looking forward to the nausea and vomiting, but I understand from a fellow diabetics' forum that if I eat smaller portions than usual and lay off fatty food, I can expect not to be too horribly ill.  I do hope so, as I have a lot of things I have to do this week and if there's one thing I hate more than any other aspect of illness, it's vomiting!

As for the smaller portions, I've noticed that my appetite has already decreased quite a lot recently, although I have no idea why.  As for the low-fat stuff, thank goodness I had a large portion of Charles' wonderful chips last night along with a delicious home-made burger and salad.  I couldn't even find room for chocklit tart.  I mean........come on, what's happening to me?

I'm very tired, because, of course, I worked myself up so  much about getting up early that I couldn't get to sleep last night.  Then I woke up at 5.30 am, the phone alarm went off at 6.30, the other two alarms went off at 7.00 and 7.30, then I promptly fell asleep again until 8.20.  So annoying!

Tomorrow I have to remember to inject myself 15 minutes before eating breakfast.  That's a bit difficult because I often forget to have breakfast for ages after I get up, which, of course, doesn't help my blood sugar, or taking my medication at regular hours.  The trouble is that I never used to eat breakfast and have never really got used to it, since I've had to have something before I take my medication, even though it's been almost 10 years now!

This afternoon I finished making the Christmas Cake.  Yesterday I weighed everything out into bowls and put the fruit to soak in the brandy overnight.  This afternoon I threw in the rest of the brandy, assembled the cake mixture and amalgamated all the different bowls of ingredients.  Everyone stirred the mixture for luck and it's now sitting in a cake tin in a very low oven.  I shall check it in an hour to see if it needs a little greaseproof hat to stop it burning.  It's already muffled up in thick brown paper.

Saturday I cooked a lovely coq au vin and last night was home-made burgers with salad and Charles' divine chips, so tonight I plan to take it easy with baked potatoes.  Good job I have a double oven!

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My pretty little camera arrived yesterday, but the purple boots have been delayed.

I received the trousers and cardigan I'd ordered, but the cardigan turned out to be plum, not purple as I thought I'd ordered.  I checked the web site and there was No Purple, so I must have ordered Plum without realising.  Since the clover top I ordered has sold out, however, I've replaced it with an order for a plum top.  The trousers have had to go back because they were too tight and showed up my lumpy thighs, but I've ordered replacements.

Yesterday's cardiac rehab was cancelled which was just as well, because, although I'd decided to go anyway and tough it out, I was actually in awful pain with my knee.  I spent most of the day resting it.  Fortunately it was much better today.  I think it was caused by the extreme cold on the beach on Sunday as it has been dodgy all week.

On Tuesday I went to Caroline to do her reconciliations anyway, because I might as well be in pain at her desk as in mine and her office is much warmer than my room, so at least everything is up to date.

Today was creative writing.  I found it tougher than usual do do the short walk from where John drops me off to the Church, even though I stopped en route at Starbucks to get a Mocha.  However I've asked the caretaker where I can leave my scooter next week when we're going to the Laing and I think I will probably have to start using the scooter to get to the class as a regular thing, at least till I see the cardiologist next time, to see if he can give me more effective medication.

I've spoken to the diabetes nurse on the telephone and found out what the drug was called - Exenatide, or Byetta, and I told her that I wasn't going to make a decision until I had done some research and spoken to my own doctor.  She was not best pleased by the latter and said how much better informed the diabeticians were, to which I pointed out that I trust my GP and she is the doctor I see all the time, whereas the pople I see at the clinic are seldom the same twice running.

I did some scroogling and found that not only does it help stabilise blood glucose, but it also gradually reduces weight as well. I posted on a diabetes newgroup and got some good feedback from people who think it's been the best thing they've tried.  Karen said that she'd just heard about it from a couple of women at her clinic and they were raving about it.  I spoke to my doctor on the phone and she hasn't heard anything against it and on my asking what she would do in my circumstances, she said she would go for it.  So this afternoon I rang the diabetes nurse and left a message on her answerphone saying that although I'm still quite spooked by the idea of injecting myself I would give it a try.

If it really works and helps me lose some weight that can only be good for the knees and the ticker!

A man is coming to replace the broken window tomorrow.  The insurance company will only pay for the cheapest glass, so we shall have to pay extra for something stouter as well as the £50 excess.  Great!


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