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We've been to the vet who visited the indignity of the rectal thermometer on Morgan.  He thinks he's probably had a cat bite which has become infected, although neither of us could find any wounds, and gave him an injection of anti-biotic for the bite and steroid to bring down the temperature. 

It was like magic;  before we'd even left the surgery Morgan had perked up and was flirting with the receptionist.  When we got home he was off - racing about just as normal.

Bramble, who was quite concerned when Morgan was feeling ill and who gave him a good licking all over is now chasing him all over the place and playing rough again, so I've separated them for a bit.  Morgan is eating like billy-o, making up for lost time, although he's vanished to his hidey-hole now for another sleep, presumably.

So, it seems that everything is OK, although we have to go back again tomorrow to be checked over. It's only cost £35.99!!  Thank you Bramble!

Hollow laughter!
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My poor little Morgan seems to be rather ill.  Most of yesterday and all of today so far he has hardly moved from my bed.  He spends most of the time asleep and he's eaten/drunk very little and only with a great deal of persuasion.  When I touch one of his back legs he cries out and tries to bite me.  I'm really worried that he may become dehydrated.

I have an appointment with the vet at 16.20, but I'm frantic and can hardly bear to wait that long.  What on earth can be wrong with him?


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