Jun. 6th, 2009 09:44 pm
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I never get something for nothing, so I'm very pleased by what happened this evening.

I had decided that I wasn't going to buy any more shoes or sandals this year because what I had was good enough, but in the last couple of days my everyday black slip-ons have started hurting my left little toe to the extent that I had to put a plaster on this arvo before going shopping.  When I examined the shoe, I have worn through the lining, the inner lining and my poor little toe was up against the nasty rough leather.

As a Type 2 diabetic, I have to be particularly careful of my feet, so it was obviously time for some new shoes.

I went online to Hotter and chose a pair after about an hour of looking at everything twice, then I saw some lace-up sandals just like the lovely ones I used to have from Clark's, so I just had to have a pair of those.  They were incredibly comfortable and you could adjust the laces to whatever degree of puffiness or slimness your feet were currently at.

I went to checkout and suddenly wondered whether I'd got any of the e-mail concessions they'd sent me which were still within the allotted time, and found an offer from about a fortnight ago for three pairs of shoes for the price of two, so I went back to choose another pair of shoes, really expecting that it wouldn't work or it would be out of time, even though the e-mail didn't specify a time limit.. 

I entered the code, expecting them to say "Nyer, nyer, nah nyer nah!  Too late!", but it actually worked!!  Hurrah!

I am now expecting three delicious parcels, one of them FREE!!

It's been another horrid day today, damp and very cold.  The only time it cheered up, stopped raining and the sun came out was when we all went to the shops, but since we were only going to the Tesco garage for diesel, the pet shop for food and litter and Lidl, it made no difference since we can always park right outside.

From Lidl we got a nice cheap joint of British beef properly hung, and a lovely dark red, for me to pot-roast in the slow cooker tomorrow, plus quite a lot of other stuff, including a large pot of very healthy basil.  When I got it home, I decided to plant it out in a couple of pots in the yard, because the basil seeds I planted just haven't done anything and they don't sell basil at the garden centre.  I have left it till tomorrow, though, because as soon as we got home, it started raining again.

The garden centre doesn't sell borage, either, which is irritating.

While we were out John and Charles decided it was time we had a takeaway curry, so I don't know what to do with the nice little free-range chicken I got in Lidl last week and had just defrosted, since they both decidedd they'd rather have the beef tomorrow  I suppose I'd better roast the chicken tomorrow and use it for sandwiches, a pilaff, soup and stuff during the next week.  Let's hope it's nice and warm next week so that I'm glad of a cold chicken in the fridge!

I don't know whether the takeaway has increased the size of its portions, but none of us could eat our entire meal, so Charles and John have some squirrelled away for tomorrow's lunch.

I believe the forecast isn't very good for tomorrow either, so I may stay in bed all morning again.


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