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Last week Charles managed to break my bathroom scales.  No, no!  Not by being too heavy for them!

I hadn't been able to use them for ages because the batteries had gone, so I'd finally got round to taking out the batteries to find out what sort I needed to replace them.  I left the scales on a small table with the battery lid off.  At some time in the intervening week Charles had moved the scales and accidentally broken the little doodad which is supposed to hold one of the batteries in place.  I didn't find out until I'd bought two expensive new batteries, of course.

I really have to lose some weight, no matter how long I put it off, so I had no choice but to send for a new pair of scales.  I didn't expect them to be delivered only 2 days later, though.  They're rather good-looking Salter scales in stainless steel to match the rest of the bathroom bling.  They have a 15 year guarantee!!  They work with weights of up to 28 stone, so we should be all right for the 15 years!

I did try them just to make sure they were working, but I'm doing my best to forget what they said, as my official weigh-in will be Monday morning.  Of course, as things do nowadays, the scales came with a battery already installed, so I still have two batteries which will probably have gone off by the time I get round to needing them.

There's no way I'm dieting tomorrow when we're going to David and Alison to share a superb takeaway from their wonderful suppliers, so I'm putting it off, in the traditional manner, till Monday.

I haven't decided yet what to have for Sunday dinner, but I may just have a free-range chicken so that I can have my last crispy chicken-skin.  Sob!

John has gone to London today for a TA dinner tonight.  I expect he'll be having the traditional rubber chicken, but Charles and I thought we'd treat ourselves to something delicious from  Messrs. Mark's and Spencer's range of expensive ready-prepared meals. 

Rather than the treat I'd intended, it turned into a martyrdom as we went round the shop examining everything Charles fancied.  Almost everything had wheat or gluten in it and he got very bad-tempered over it.  So did I, because there was an awful lot of things where we simply couldn't see why the product needed them and I began to suspect that they might have printed it on the packet, just in case, so they can't get sued.  It also affected my choice, because I didn't feel able to have something I knew he would have liked.  I had to get him something for tomorrow too, since John and I will be out.  In the end the only things he could find that he fancied were all curry, so he's had some sort of curry tonight and will have another tomorrow.

Fortunately he managed to find a rather unusual curry we haven't tried before and seemed to enjoy it.  I had 2 large crab cakes with wickedly imported, wickedly expensive, wickedly pre-sliced runner beans, lavishly buttered.  We finished with a berry pavlova, which was very wicked because of my diabetes, but since I shall be eating nothing but raw fruit or sugar-free jelly or something for the foreseeable future, I didn't care for once.

Memo to self:  Finish up the ice-cream on Sunday!  Whimper!

All I need now to complete the bathroom is for the towel ring and liquid soap dispenser I ordered to arrive and for John to put them up together with the glass shelf which has been languishing in the corner of his room for months and which I want to put pretty things on.  He, of course, can't see the point of such a thing.

My cough doesn't seem quite so bad now.  I suddenly realised that it seemed to get worse the warmer I get and is possibly connected to my heat allergy.  I've turned off all the heat in my room and had the bedroom window open two or three inches last night.  I am still coughing, but not so often, not for so long at a time, and not so painfully.  I bet I get it badly tomorrow at Alison's house;  she always has it superheated.

With any luck, it will be much better by next week, and then maybe I'll be able to go to the Lit & Phil without worrying about annoying people by coughing all the time.  I went to my first writing course of the term yesterday and had to keep leaving the room so that I could cough where it wouldn't disturb anyone else.  It's such a lbooyd nuisance!  I still managed to enjoy it, though and produced something I can work on, which is always A Good Thing.

Having the bedroom window open at night means that the cats keep trying to get out onto the windowsill.  No matter how many times they find they can't get out because the gap's too narrow, it doesn't stop them trying again, just one more time.  Morgan has a smaller head than the other two, so he can get his head and forepaws out to see what's going on, but today Phoebe has been sitting on the desk looking out of the window and beating him up every time he tried to put his head out of the window, just because she can!

I could have the window open more, but yesterday a soaking-wet Morgan jumped on my shoulder while I was sitting reading quietly and got thrown to the floor because he scared me and I didn't know what this wet thing was;  he fell awkwardly and limped for a bit.  It made me feel awful, so I won't let them out there now if it's wet.
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Because we didn't go shopping yesterday, I had to get up at 7.30 this morning, wake John and nag him till he got up. In the end we got to Morrison's by 8.45, but really not a moment too soon. Fortunately there was a disabled parking space right by the door, because it was absolutely freezing

When we arrived there weren't all that many people there, but by the time we left it was beginning to get rather overcrowded. I bought John breakfast in the caff, He had two bacon baps and I had one with extra bacon and an almond croissant, with a mocha coffee. Lovely!

While we were there I looked for gluten free flour but there was none. I did manage to find some incredibly expensive white gluten free loaves, English muffins, fruit cake slices and Bakewell tarts (£1.80 for four). Oh! And a sizeable bag of pasta! I've told Charles he must keep the bread in the freezer and just get out a few slices at a time because at £1.99 for quite a small and rather depressing-looking loaf, I don't want any wasted. He's very pleased that he can have Marmite toast again!

He had one of the fruit slices this afternoon and a bakewell tart instead of pudding. He gave me a tiny taste. The fruit slice was lovely, but the bakewell tart was very odd indeed, with pastry resembling very hard cardboard. Presumably you can't really make pastry without gluten.

We'd only been back from Morrison's a short while when the lovely sunshine disappeared and it started to hail........ horizontally.  A couple of the Asian lads from across the road came tumbling out of the house in their vests and bare feet to grab handfuls of the sleet.

Later on it hailed again, then it snowed for a bit, then it rained and melted all the snow, all interspersed with short periods of brilliant sunshine, but Boy!  was it cold!

Unfortunately, when I came to make Penny's Impossible Orange cake, I found I'd misread the ingredients list, making the quantity of ground almonds 2½ ounces instead of 2½ cups, so when I realised my mistake, I had to send poor John out to find some more. He couldn't find ground almonds anywhere!! Eventually someone in Morrison's suggested that he get flaked almonds and I could grind them, so he bought all that were left which amounted to three miserable little packets, which when I ground them and added what I'd already got, just made up the necessary quantity.

It's a remarkably easy cake to make, if extremely weird, but I never thought it would actually become solid. It's sitting in the tin waiting to be released and decorated tomorrow. It looks and smells very nice. I think that rather than being cake, it's a kind of sweet, baked, almond and orange omelette or soufflé!  We shall see tomorrow. 

I had a lovely unexpected invitation a couple of days ago to attend the wedding of the elder daughter of Bulbul, one of my Bengali friends.  We'll definitely go, but I have no idea of etiquette about presents or anything else.  People have suggested that I ask the family, but I think I shall ask another Asian friend of mine, because I'm pretty sure that Bulbul will tell me not to buy anything and, of course, I want to get them something.

John bought us a lovely Indian takeaway this evening and I'm still absolutely stuffedFortunately I suddenly remembered to take the goose out of the freezer, so I hope it will be defrosted in time to be cooked tomorrow, otherwise we shall have to have a very late dinner instead of an early one as we wanted!  Not that it really matters!

I have still not discovered how to listen to jazz on the MyClassicFM Player, but have found a couple of jazz stations I can listen to on the Internet with Windows Media Player, which I suppose is better than nothing.  Of course, it means I can't listen in the kitchen or the sitting room, or on my personal BAB radio in the garden, or wherever, which is an awful bind, but Sailor Vee, I suppose!


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