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It's been a glorious summer day today, all day.  In fact it was the first genuine scorching hot day we've had for two or three years.  Poor Charles has been too hot all day;  he really doesn't like this weather.  This evening he found the mist spray on the hosepipe and sprayed himself till his T shirt was soaked.

I've spent the entire day skulking underneath the sun umbrella in the yard, reading, drinking coffee, chatting to John and Charles and writing my novel on my netbook (although I still can't connect to the rest of the world from out there!)  The cats have spent most of the day out there with me too.

The pink patio rose is now showing the tiniest amount of pink in its buds;  I believe this one will be gloriously scented.  The remaining one has tightly closed buds with no clue to the colour, and I have lost the label which should tell me what it's like.  Tsk!

One of the runner bean plants has finally got flower buds, but I'm worried that it's hardly grown upwards at all.  I wonder if I got dwarf plants by mistake.

The house, and particularly my room, is an absolute tip but I'm not prepared to waste this glorious weather tidying up indoorsYesterday I worked at Caroline's office in the morning, and when I got home, I was so tired I spent the afternoon dozing in the chair in my room.  What a waste!

I had an absolutely dreadful night last night with pain in my knee till I suddenly remembered my TENS machine.  It didn't take the pain away completely but it reduced it to a grumble for long enough to allow me to get to sleep.  I've used it again this afternoon and I shall use it when I get into bed.  It would be great to get a long night's sleep.

If it's still lovely weather tomorrow, I plan another idle day reading and writing in the yard.  It's lovely out there at the moment and the perfume of the carnations and the purple petunias makes the whole place smell of cloves and the herbs have their own perfume which the hot sun releases and which doesn't blow away on the breeze because of the high walls all around.

Last night, at about 1.30, when I was sitting up in bed trying to distract myself by doing the crossword, Charles came in to tell me that he hadn't closed the cat door properly so that Bramble had been able to get out and run off.  Charles had to get dressed and go out in the back lane looking for him and finally found him in the allotments sitting companionably with another pale-coloured cat Charles didn't recognise.

So Bramble has a little friend!  But not apparently the beautiful black cat who came into my bedroom last week.


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