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Today I appear to have a cold.  I suppose it might be an allergy, which is what I thought yesterday afternoon when it started up in earnest, but now I'm pretty sure it's a cold.  I hope I didn't give it to the ophthalmologist!

I left my wriiting class 30 minutes early in order to be on time for my appointment, and in fact arrived 10 minutes early.  I had to wait for the consultant for that extra ten minutes plus another 80 minutes.  I was starving because the only food I'd had was a yoghurt at 7.30am.  I would have thought someone would have had the wit to tell me the man was running so late, because I'd have had ample time to scoot along to the cafeteria or the coffee bar to buy a sandwich.  Fortunately I had half a bottle of water with me, because, as usual the waiting-room was Far Too Hot.

As soon as I arrived a nurse gave me another eye test and administered the Toxic Eyedrops.  She insisted on putting them in both eyes "just in case he wants to look in the other one".  I pointed out that he'd looked at both of them as recently as Tuesday, but she persisted.  The opthalmology department must have the worst, most ancient magazines I have encountered in medical waiting rooms and I am now a connoisseur after the last few years.

When he finally appeared (I suspect he'd been at lunch as there was a general inrush of medical personnel all at the same time), he put anaesthetic drops in my eye, followed by more, but presumably different Toxic Drops and then some water, for what reason I don't know.  He inserted a gadget of some description to keep the eyelid open;  it also had the effect  of replacing my vision by a glaring white light.  He told me the treatment would be painless.  He lied, but it wasn't too bad.  The first few laser shots were indeed painless, but then he quickly fired off half a dozen more, each of which felt as though someone was poking me in the eye.

That was it.  I'm to go back in six weeks for him to see if it's been successful and for him to do more work if it's necessary.

I had an aching eye and persistently watery eyes for the rest of the day, although that may have had something to do with the cold I now realise I have.  There is still a little residual ache, but nothing that would put me off doing anything.  I can't believe I was so nervous now.

I've already used half of a new box of tissues.  I hope it clears up soon, because I have an important CT meeting on Monday.


Mar. 10th, 2009 03:37 pm
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Today I had an appointment at the Ophthalmology Department of the RVI.

I had the usual eye test and Noxious Eyedrops they give people to.........well, I don't know exactly why, but they always administer them.

When I got in to see him, the consultant shone extremely bright lights in my eyes and examined the insides.  He had copies of the photographs taken of the inside of my eyes at my recent diabetic annual review.  I have to say that this impresses me;  this is an example of the joined-up case-care between the various departments of the local hospitals which I imagine is what the NHS is trying to achieve with their new multi-billion pound computer system which sadly doesn't seem to work as well in some places as it does here.

Anyway, he sat and made Copious Notes, with illustrations, before discussing the problem with me.  He showed me the photographs recently taken, compared with ones taken 18 months previously and it was pretty obvious even to someone who could hardly see after the eye drops and the bright lights, that there was a great deterioration.

It is caused, apparently, by leakage from a Retinal Macro Aneurysm, which they've been keeping an eye on for a while, but which has suddenly started leaking worse and the leakage is in the direction of the central part of the retina which means it will affect my sight soonish if nothing is done.

The upshot is that he recommends laser surgery and Lucky Me!,  he just happens to have a vacant appointment on Thursday because someone else has cancelled.  There is a small danger that it may adversely affect my sight, but far less so than the damage I shall have to my sight if it isn't done, so obviously it would be stupid to refuse, and I should be grateful I can get it done so quickly.  One treatment may be sufficient, but it's more likely that I shall need two or three at three or four-weekly intervals.

Afterwards, since it's such a lovely day,  I drove my scooter around the lake in Leazes Park a couple of times.  I had thought that there might be ducklings, but it's obviously too early, although I did see a couple of swans necking - literally!  They had their necks twined one around the other and they were rubbing their necks up and down each other's neck.  It looked so sweet!  At one point their necks and heads formed the outline of a perfect heart-shape, but I was much too slow to capture it with my camera.

I did take a few pictures of the crocuses and daffoldils, although there weren't the clouds of them that I have been accustomed to see in other parks and gardens, plus a fine red and a lovely green hellebore, there was also a splendid Garrya, but my sight was still rather blurred so I didn't take as many photographs as I otherwise might have done.

I was impressed with all the men I saw fishing around the pond.  They were all, without exception, half asleep, with their caps down over their eyes.  I imagine they must have little bells on their rods to warn them in the unlikely eventuality that something takes their bait.  In fact, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't bother with bait but just use the fishing as an excuse to get out into the fresh air and have a bit of peace.

I had intended to call John to collect me when I came out the other side of the park, but, because there's a  difficult and potentially dangerous junction there, I decided to go a bit further up the hill before phoning him.  And then I was taken with the idea of driving the scooter all the way home.  So I did!

It was a bit hairy at times because the battery didn't like lugging my great weight up such a steep hill, and I did think I would have to give up and call John, but then I came to a flatter bit and the battery suddenly got better, so eventually I did, indeed, drive myself home.  There were a few places not far from home where there was nowhere easy to cross the road and the pavements were excessively high, or had deeper gutters than usual, but in the end I managed it.  I don't think I shall do it very often though, as it was a bit nerve racking and that way back is far less steep than coming directly up West Hill, which is what I'm more likely to want to do.  I should think there's zero chance I would be able to make it home that way.

I still have slightly blurred vision, four hours after the administration of the eye drops, so I've either become more sensitive to them, or these were Different Drops!

Charles is a little apprehensive about the laser surgery and has asked if I want someone to go with me.  I don't know...............perhaps I do............I shall have to think about it.


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