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After my success with my poetry database, I've now backed up all my other data files on DVD. I was amazed to find that I have over 1GB of data in photographs alone. I'm feeling fraighfly smug!

I'm not going to mess about backing up all my old e-mails, though. I can never understand why people do that. I want to back up my Outlook contacts file, but can't seem to find it.

I also did something very peculiar for me. I wrote to Richard Branson pleading with him to see if he can't do something to save theJazz. I don't suppose he'll even get to see the letter, but he's the only person I could think of who might be philanthropic enough to pick it up off the floor and turn it into a healthy profitable radio station. I feel quite desolate that it's going to go off the air next month. It's the only Radio station I've ever found that I can happily listen to all day long. And it's so eclectic, it seems to cover almost any aspect of jazz.

Sob! Wail!

Perhaps I should write to the Beeb, as well? I shouldn't think they could bear to present such hands-off broadcasting.

It's still another month before I go back to see the cardiologist, and I don't feel very sanguine. I feel as though my condition is getting worse, not every day, but from time to time. It's rather peculiar that I should suddenly get more breathless on a particular day than on the previous days or the day afterwards. It doesn't seem to make any sense. One day lifting Morgan will make me breathless, another day it won't. It's so annoying that it doesn't appear to be predictable in any way.

John still can't decide how he's going to refurbish the cloakroom. The new loo and washhand basin have already been installed, but he can't make up his mind what he's going to do with the room itself and how to go about it. He's decided to put it on the backburner while he considers it and start sorting out the office. Hurrah!

It would be lovely to have the office back to normal, if it's ever been that. I could move a lot of stuff that's cluttering up my room and put all my craft stuff in there too. I could use the dining room for crafts, but the cats have discovered how to open the door, and I can't face coming down to find they've been causing mayhem in there and tracking glitter or glue all over the house.

We've all decided to go to the Metro centre tomorrow. John wants to buy a new watch strap and go to Waterstones, I need a new cheapo handbag and a good notebook and Charles has an HMV voucher he got for Christmas which he's so far been unable to spend because he can't find anything he wants in HMV. I hope he'll have more success at the Metro Centre, because it's a bigger store than the city centre one.

I might also have a look at printers. My Epson is on its last legs and plays me up every time I want to print something. I've decided to go for a scanner/copier/printer, but have no idea which would be a good one to buy. I've only had Epson printers for years and while I've been pleased with the printing quality of the latest one, especially for photos, I've been in despair at its general tendency to get temperamental, its rejection of sheets of paper that are identical to the sheets it will print on and its hysterical disappearing fits when it can't be recognised by the PC, not to mention the scandalous way it tries to get me to throw my horrifically expensive ink cassettes out when they still have hundreds of pages of printing left.

John has a Lexmark which he's happy enough with, but the print quality isn't good enough for picky old me. I didn't like his old HP either. Actually, now I come to think of it, I loathe printers! I've never had one which I loved and which never went doolally on me!
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I am so cross!  They're going to close down theJazz after only 15 months.  After all, it's only got a million listeners and increasing its audience all the time!

I think the broadcasting authorities have got it in for me.  First of all they closed down Oneword and now it's theJazz, goddammit!

They've already wrecked BBC7 by broadcasting children's TV during the afternoons and repeating stuff ad nauseam.

It must be a plot to make us all listen to Radio 4.

Grrrrr!  I am SO ANGRY!!!

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