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After yet another dreadful night, I've re-read the package leaflet for the Perindropil.  I did read it before, but maybe I didn't get as far as the very rare side effects (1 in 10,000) which includes chest infection, blocked or runny nose (rhinitis).

Of course, I didn't get round to re-reading the leaflet until just after I'd taken today's dose!  Typical!

So in a moment I'm ringing the quack's to ask for an appointment and from tomorrow  I'm going back to the original dose to see if that helps, or whether it will just but me back to being completely breathless.

I'm feeling rather fed up!  No-one's fault but my own, though.
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I am so ipssde off with this lbooyd cough!

It's bad enough during the day, although mercifully infrequent, but it really comes into its own at night. Last night wasn't so bad;  I got to sleep just after 1.00, and woke again, coughing at 6.00, managing to get to sleep again, but the night before I was sitting up coughing until about 3.00, then slept till it woke me again at 6.00!!

I'm trying sleeping propped up on pillows in a semi-sitting position, at least for the first part of the night, but somehow I don't seem to sleep so well in that position even with a pillow beneath my knees to stop them seizing up

My Lovely Lady Doctor has given me a Beconase spray because I had some idea that rhinitis was part of the problem, and it does work, but not for long enough. I'm only supposed to use it twice a day and it just doesn't last from the time I try to go to sleep until waking up time, or indeed, from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. It says on the bumph that comes with it that it can be used more often, although still subject to a strict limit, but I'm sooooo sick of traipsing backwards and forwards to the surgery and I daren't change the dose myself in case there's some sort of inter-action with the heart medication.

I can't understand why the rhinitis has suddenly got so bad, unless that too is a by-product of the new medication. It can't be hay-fever because we have no blossom out yet. This morning I woke up with a streaming nose, literally.

And the pussy cats don't like coming near me now that I smell permanently of Olbas pastilles. Sob!

And it's making me feel old, damnit!


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