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I was tagged by OldBloke, so here goes.

RULES   There are no rules


01. What's the last TV show you saw?
The Lost World of Tibet

02. What are you wearing at the moment?
Underwear, trousers, T shirt, cardigan, socks.

03. Have you lost any friends recently? Why?
Not recently, thank God.

04. What is your favourite scent?
Lily-of-the-valley……..or is it lilac?  I can’t make up my mind.  Or there’s clove carnation too……..

05. What's your occupation? What do you do there?
I’m retired from paid work, but my occupation is writing.

06. What do you drink the most?
Water, then tea.
07. What is your favourite restaurant?
It’s not really a restaurant, but I love the Café Royal in Newcastle City Centre.
08. What will you be doing after finishing this?
Going to the Metrocentre to buy a present for Adrian-next-door’s new baby boy.

09. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A musician

10. Your favourite romantic movie?
Gone with the Wind.

11. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
A really nice guy who can be very funny as well as being a great father and a loving husband.

12. What's the least favourite thing about yourself?
 I put off doing things, even the things I want very much to do.

13. What are your ideal qualities in a novel?
It must make me want to keep on reading it, I have to care about the characters and mostly I prefer it to be well-written.

 14. What time do you usually go to bed?

15. What's the meaning behind your LJ username/name/nicknames you go by?
A few years ago there was a meme going the rounds whereby you found out your  Hollywood film-star name by combining the road you lived in with your second name.  This made me Blackberry Marianne, and I totally fell in love with the name.  She’s my alter ago, perpetually 25, with green eyes and long black curly hair and a figure very much like my own was at 25.  She never gets old or fat or develops grey hair.  She certainly hasn’t got arthritis or heart failure and she still has both boobs.

16. Tullamore Dew or Jim Beam?
No thanks.  Can I have a Cointreau instead?

I’m not tagging anyone because everyone I know has already been tagged.



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- February 4 -
You are daring, honest, loyal and stubborn. You are incredibly determined and you always think outside of the box. You also love to chill take it easy with some friends.
Positive Traits:
organized, perceptive, disciplined, balanced, just
Negative Traits:
obsessive, compulsive, tyrannical, demanding, non-communicative

'What does your Birthdate mean?' at

Obsessive, Compulsive, Tyrannical?



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