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Feb. 12th, 2009 11:10 am
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More snow, hours before it was forecast.  It started, hardly visible, at around 9.45 and 10 minutes later everything was white.  Now, 90 minutes later, everything has a good covering and it's snowing horizontally.  It looks as though there's plenty left up there.

I was rather resentful that I couldn't go to my writing group today in case I'm still contagious/infectious, but now I'm really relieved that I won't have to come out into the snow at 12.30.  I feel very uncertain in the snow since I started falling so easily and I wouldn't have taken my scooter because we weren't expecting snow so early.  I'm not really sure how the scooter would behave in the snow, either.  I suppose I should really try it out, round the block, say.  Not today, though!


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Ugh!  I loathe the snow.

When I was about 3, living in Hampshire, we had a huge snowfall and my Pa was terribly excited about it being my first snow.  So he dragged me out to play snowballs, and he was soooo disappointed in me because once I realised the stuff was wet, and my mittens became icy soggy things on my poor cold hands, I just wanted to go indoors.  Sort of summed up what our relationship was going to be like!

After a rotten night, due to my gharsly coff, I decided that I wouldn't, after all, cancel my appointment with the quack, so this afternoon, I carefully hobbled to the car through the icy slush and went to the surgery.  I made John come into reception, firstly so that I could have someone to lean on when I left, and secondly because I didn't want him sitting in the car in the freezing cold.  The reception area has double automatic doors, but one dozy family would stand waiting for their lift between the two doors and milling about, thus ensuring that the doors were constantly opening and closing, letting in huge amounts of freezing air.  Boy!  Am I glad I don't have to work at that reception desk!

I didn't really think it was snowing that hard, but by the time we returned to Lucy in the car park, half an hour later, the windscreen was heavily covered in snow again

Judging by the children coming home from school, the schools round here have been open all day.  What a shame.  I believe children should be entitled to snow days a couple of times a winter.  I expect many parents would disagree, though.

Lovely Lady Doctor increased my diuretic and told me I could take twice as many amytriptiline as I'm using at present, so maybe I'll get more sleep.  She's also going to ask the cardiac consultant to see me again.

This morning the cats were dying to get out into the snow and I opened their cat door, but they soon came in again and I shut the door, because the flap was horizontal with the gale and an enormous draught was making the kitchen even more freezing than it already was.  They've been sulking all day.

Actually, they've been looking out of the windows, particularly those in my room, because first thing this morning the cherry tree next door was full of what I think were rooks, there were low-flying gulls flying up and down the street in the middle of the road and a few pigeons who seemed to have discovered something to eat in the snow.  And the cats were whimpering "wannabird" the way they do, never mind that all the birds out and about would have been more than a match for them.

Charles insisted that we had the goose I had been saving for Easter this weekend and it was delicious and certainly cheered up a cold miserable day yesterday.  There's plenty of meat left for a risotto or pilaf and I shall make stock with the carcass this evening.  However, after such a rich meal, I'm planning beans and fish fingers tonight, although Charles will have to have something without breadcrumbs, possibly those tiny white German sausages which are about the size of his little finger.  I made butternut squash and lentil soup for Saturday, which was wonderful with Costco's bogof wholemeal seeded bagels.  On Friday we had an Asian takeaway, but I had terrible trouble eating even half of my share.  Never mind, John has had it for lunch yesterday and today, so it's not wasted!

I can hardly wait till it's time to go to bed!


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