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On Tuesday morning I noticed that I had a huge swelling between my gum and the inside of my upper lip;  it didn't hurt at all, but it was enormous.  Even though it didn't hurt, I thought it was probably yet another abscess, so made an emergency appointment for this morning.

When I woke this morning the swelling had gone down a little and my mouth was full of blood.  I was pleased, as you can imagine.

My lovely dentist agreed that it was yet another abscess
.  I told him I'd had one when he was on holiday and had used the emergency prescription of Amoxicillin he left me, which eventually made it disappear, but obviously not permanently.  So this time he gave me a double prescription for both Amoxicillin and  Metronidazole.  Fortunately I asked him if the latter was the drug which makes you very ill if you drink alcohol and he confirmed that it was.  Why do they never tell you?  Do they assume that someone of my age and appearance is naturally too straight-laced to drink?

So I have to take all this stuff and see him after the Bank Holiday;  I didn't even realise there was a Bank Holiday coming up.  Wish me luck, everyone, because if this doesn't work, the lbooyd tooth, which has already caused endless trouble and can't be repaired further because it's too hard for the drill to penetrate, will have to be extracted and I am more than sufficiently lacking in the molar department as it is.  Sulk!

It's been another lovely day, in fact, you might say a perfect day;  incredibly blue sky, endless warm sunshine and an absolute joy to sit out in with a pot of coffee and book.  I didn't do any chores in the yard, just sat out there and chilled out.  Lovely!  Yesterday was  a lovely day too, but with a freezing cold wind.

Yesterday I went to the garden centre and succumbed to the BOGOF hostas as well as two pots of mixed salad leaves to cut every day for lunch-time sandwiches, and a beautiful dark blue gentian.  I don't know why I bought that, as I have no idea how to look after it and no ericaceous compost for it, but it was such a beautiful blue..............  I was also fortunate enough to find a large, allegedly frost-proof clay pot for £9.99, which must make it the cheapest in the county.  I thought I would buy it while I was there because if I'm able to get a dwarf acer next week, it is the perfect pot for it, but if I hadn't already bought it, it would, of course, be out of stock when I wanted it.  If I don't get an acer it will be fine for something else.

I spent ages driving round the garden centre in my scooter looking for the gorgeous blue morning glories they had a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't find any, and none of the staff has any recollection of them, buggrit.

As well as a self-seeded buddleia in a tub in the yard, I've found a well-established self-seeded elderflower, about to burst into blossom; I shall try to keep and cherish it.  I've also found a tiny self-seeded hawthorn, which I shall cosset.  I had a look at espalier fruit trees while I was at the garden centre, but sadly, they are just too big and need too much wall space for a tub in the yard.

I have tomato plants which A sent me to plant out and a couple of cucumbers, which I've never grown before, so I bought a couple of grow bags as well.  I also bought some dark blue lobelia, because I can't really believe the stuff I've sown will ever be big enough.

Still no rain, so we've had to water everything with the watering can this evening.  What I've bought and planted out in the last couple of weeks is growing like crazy;  I'm very pleased.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the crack of dawn (for me) in order to get to an appointment with my lovely lady doctor.  I made the appointment a week ago and this was the earliest they had and the only one left for this week.  The trouble is that the appointment is at 8.40 am, and I find it so hard to drag myself out of bed early nowadays as my heart condition seems to slow me down dreadfully in the morning.  This probably means I'll get very little sleep tonight as I shall be worrying about getting up early enough.  Sigh...............

I suppose I'd better dig out the consultant's letter and make a list of what I want to discuss with her before I go to bed.

Oh!  Edited just to say that I saw my first butterfly of the year today, a red admiral!!


Jan. 3rd, 2008 06:54 pm
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The dentist confirmed that it was probably another abscess, but he's not sure he can fix that tooth again as it's already been root-filled twice, once by the previous dentist and once by him.  When he did it he found that there was an extremely hard part of the tooth that made it difficult to drill through and although he did his best, he thinks that if it recurs I shall have to lose the tooth, which is a bit depressing,  since it shows when I smile  He said he thought he could put in a bridge to the next-door tooth if I have to have it done, and in the meantime we'll wait and see how it goes.  I have no confidence that it won't start up again, probably at Easter, which is the next Bank Holiday!

I made an appointment for Charles to go and see him next week to have his teeth examined and to start off a cleaning programme for them.  He hasn't been to the dentist for about 10 years, ever since his depression got so bad, but now he's feeling a bit better and starting to go out and socialise a bit more, he feels very self conscious about his awfully stained teeth.  He drinks gallons of black coffee and black tea and his teeth are very discoloured and horrid-looking.  If he really wants to get a job, he's going to have to have something done about it.  It's not that he doesn't brush and floss his teeth, it's just that they've got incredibly stained.

Not only that but he's started complaining about heat and cold sensitivity, which makes me think his gums may be receding and since he's never had toothache or even one filling in his 32 years, I think he should make an effort to keep it that way.  I understand that he couldn't bring himself to do it before and even now I've made the appointment he's a bit dismayed because it's only a few days away, so it's time for me to get firm about it.  I expect I'll have to take him to the surgery.  Sigh!

I'm very very glad that Charles has such strong teeth, but I feel very fed up that mine are about as strong as jelly!

We woke up to a powdering of snow this morning and an extremely cold  freezing wind.  By the time I left the dentist it had warmed up considerably and in spite of the fact that it has continued to snow from time to time, the roads are clear, around here at least, although I understand there have been problems on the A1 at times during the day and David has telephoned to say he won't be going on Boys' Night Out tonight as the snow round Hexham is very bad.

Now I have to decide what to cook tonight, but as I've had an afternoon sitting on the sofa, comfort eating to try to forget about the pains in my back and knees caused by yesterday's test, I have no appetite at all.  And I dare not  test my blood glucose!

I'm still incredibly tired.  Since I have no appointments at all tomorrow, I may stay in bed till lunch time.


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