Apr. 5th, 2009

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I couldn't find any recipes for squirrel, except for American recipes with things like corn and succotash, so I decided to treat it as I would any other game and cooked it with bacon, shallots, mushrooms, juniper berries and red wine.  If I'd known how old it was, I might have tried quickly roasting it covered in bacon, but as it was I played safe with the red wine. 

There was no fat on them at all.  The poor little things came skinned and without their heads, tails or guts, but with their hearts, kidneys and livers, which I cooked with the meat.  It was a bit of a fiddle trying to joint them, because their bones are stronger than I anticipated.

The result?  John thought it was OK, Charles and I thought it was delicious, but with one quite considerable reservation.  The truth is that it was full of teeny weeny bones, which made it difficult to eat, and we had to use our fingers quite a bit.  It also didn't have as much meat as I had anticipated and we demolished two of them between the three of us, but then, we are greedy!

The taste was not just like chicken.  The meat is darker and stronger than that and it has a different taste.  Nor did it taste like rabbit, which I had suspected it might.  I suppose it tastes like squirrel.  I really enjoyed it, although it was very fiddly to eat.

We can't decide whether to have it again or not, although if there is another time, I think I might try roasting it with a plentiful supply of bacon and butter to keep it moist, then strip the meat from the bones to make into a paté, or maybe a risotto or pillaf.

This afternoon John and I went for a scoot/walk along the riverside practically into the city centre, and I'm pleased to report signs of spring at last, in the way of blossom and leaves.  It was jolly cold and I forgot my coat.  I took a few photographs, but nothing very distinguished.  My chenille cardigan kept me reasonably warm until we turned round and went back the way we came, when the freezing wind blew straight up my sleeve.  It made me feel better to go out, even though I didn't walk anywhere and got so cold.  I hope it will help me to sleep tonight.


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