May. 23rd, 2009

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Well, I seem to have imported my LJ successfully.  Hurrah!

I think I shall post here from now on, since I can automagically crosspost to my LJ but I don't think I can crosspost from LJ to here.

Maybe it will start looking less bare.

Ooo!  Look!  It's even imported my icon!

And I've successfully retuned my TV so that I can watch Star Trek  Virgin1 in the daytime if I want to.

I was planning to play in the yard this afternoon, but the weather has turned gloomy and there's a very cold wind just sprung up, so perhaps I'll just read, unless there's a good fillum on TV.

Ooo!  We still have a DVD to watch, The Constant Gardener.  Hurrah!

Cottage pie tonight.  Hurrah!

Tomorrow we plan to make a GF quiche, wish me luck with the pastry!

And on Monday we're going to have a slow-cooked stew of hare legs and pigeons, which I found in the freezer,


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