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I didn't get to the garden centre over the weekend, as I seemed to be paralysed by exhaustion. This breathlessness seems to be getting worse; I'm beginning to be a bit frightened that it won't ever go away and I shall be left like this for the rest of my life.

Mind you, part of the exhaustion is from looking after a frighteningly active kitten. I don't remember Bramble being quite so energetic. He and the kitten spend a large part of the day playing chase and poor old Bramble (all of 17 months) just can't keep up with the kitten, who whizzes past him at a little below the speed of light and disappears behind or beneath a piece of furniture where Bramble who is a very sturdy cat, just cannot go. When Bramble does catch him, however, he pins him to the floor with one heavy paw and proceeds to bite him all over, not hard enough to draw blood, but certainly enough to make the kitten cry. However, I've discovered that he can make the most piteous save-me-from-being-murdered noises for something as trivial as being picked up for a couple of seconds' inspection when he doesn't feel like it.

We've had a family discussion about the kitten's name. John doesn't like the name "Arthur" at all and the kitten shows no sign of recognising it. We've all been puzzling about it for days and we've finally all agreed to give him the illustrious name of Morgan. Morgan was my beloved first cat, my most favourite cat of all time, and the one who loved me the most. The name was also given to my second black cat, who also really loved me but who was a complete pain in the rear, although endearingly comical and naughty.

Really the kitten should be black as the first two were, but as John said, being white with black patches, he does look as though he's been down the pit.

Bramble has rediscovered an appetite for kitty milk, so I've had to go out today and buy a large sized can of powder. I was a bit miffed to find it only a little more than half full! Even haughty Phoebe has had a mouthful from time to time!

As I sit here triping, Morgan is fast asleep on my bed lying on top of the new toy I bought him today, while Bramble is fast asleep behind the chair I'm sitting in, snoozing in the cat basket which he has eschewed ever since we first had him. Morgan doesn't sleep in it, preferring to snuggle up with me at night, or sleeping where he drops during the day, but Bramble may be working on the principle that whatever he's got possession of the kitten can't have. Phoebe has never slept in it, either, except when she stayed in cat prison when we went to Scotland three years ago. She maintains a dignified aloofness towards Morgan, but she is very interested in him and watches with amazement as the other two career around the place fighting and cursing.

Despite being really tired after his long Friday driving to Bristol and getting back at midnight, John finished the tiling in the bathroom yesterday, because Adrian is coming back on Saturday to take out the radiator and install the heated towel rail. When that's done, apart from the towel ring and the magnetic soap-holder I'm getting from Amazon, he has only to put up the blind and it will be finished. I can't believe that after all the places I looked online for a blind in the right colour, and how expensive and unsuitable they all were, I finally found exactly what I wanted for a rock-bottom price (less Old Codgers' discount) from B&Q!

We haven't got any grab-rails yet, but that's because I can't find any which I don't find aesthetically offensive. I don't see why we have to have ugly things just because I've become disabled.

Tomorrow John has a 5.00 am start to go to Coventry where he's to collect something to be returned up here, so I shall have to make Charles come to Aldi's with me as I have to get cold meat and stuff for sandwiches. I'm absolutely sick of having to have a companion when I go out;  I really hope that the cardiologist can come up with something to improve my condition. 

I always get cold meat at either Aldi or Lidl, because they have a much better selection that Morrison's, and it's all much cheaper, and probably better quality.  It's also an opportunity to get some cheap winter-flowering plants for a patio pot.

I'm hoping they will still have one of those things you plug into the socket between an appliance and the plug and which measures how much electricity the appliance is using.  I've started guiltily using the oil-filled radiator in the sitting-room when we're going to be in that room in the evening and I really want to know whether it's as economical as I hope it is, because our fuel bills have become horrendous and fairly worrying.

Goodness!  Morgan has just woken up and approached a sleeping Bramble curled up in the cat-bed, but when I said "No" very firmly, he wandered off!   Bramble has since woken up himself and is eying Morgan in a calculated manner.  I suppose they're going to start racing about noisily now that I want to go to sleep!  I daren't lock them out, just in case Bramble really does murder Morgan!

False alarm!  Bramble has gone back to sleep, while Morgan is sitting on my bed playing with his toy.
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It's been a busy week what with one thing and another, especially the cats, who are exhausting me.

Arthur has fitted in as though he's always lived here.  Phoebe is gradually unfreezing towards him although I doubt she'll ever be very welcoming but the big surprise is Bramble!

Bramble is utterly fascinated by Arthur and this interest is returned with knobs on.  They spend a great deal of the day chasing each other round and round, grappling, boxing and so forth.  Every so often Bramble gets him in a half-nelson, Arthur cries piteously, I wade in and break it up and Arthur starts chasing Bramble again.  Although Bramble appears to be biting him, no skin has been broken nor blood spilt as yet!

This activity is interspersed with food and kitty-milk binges, followed by an hour's sleep wherever he happens to drop.

It's sooo lovely to have a warm kitten in the house again!

Arthur has been in every room now, except the spare room, the office and the dining room, which are kept closed for the moment.  I don't encourage cats in the dining room, and the office is just too much of a mess to risk losing a kitten in there.  He finally found his way up to Charles' room this afternoon.  When he first arrived he had a little trouble negotiating the stairs.  Three days later he's rushing up and down the stairs, skidding round the corners just like Bramble.  How one tiny kitten can make so much noise clumping about the house I don't know.

He went into the bathroom this afternoon and disappeared into an tiny space between the wall and the box round the pipes.  I had to wait till he got fed up and came out before I could shut the door.

Meal times are a hoot.  For the first two minutes they all eat industriously from their own bowls, then a moment later, Phoebe has retired (she doesn't eat much), Bramble is eating Arthur's kitten food and Arthur is eating Phoebe's dinner.  It's a bit annoying because kitten food is supposed to feed him all the things he needs, but  I simply haven't got the energy to stop them.  Bramble seems to like the dry kitten food better than almost anything in the house, except for Polish sausage and bacon fat.

At the moment Arthur's galloping around the room chasing a ball made of crunched up paper - he's such a cheap date!

Charles and I are considering a name change for Arthur.  He doesn't show the slightest sign of paying any attention at all when called and we're wondering whether he needs a name with more MBs, Ps or Bs in it to attract his attention.  The trouble is that we can't think of an appropriate name.  It prolly doesn't help that most of the time I call him Tootles.

Poor John has been to Bristol today.  He didn't get home until 10.00 pm and was very tired.  The journey down took far longer than he expected and the journey back was even worse, owing to it being POETS day, among other things. 

This decided me to do an Internet Asda shop, since Charles is out tomorrow and Sunday and I don't want to wear the poor old boy out taking him shopping.   The weather forecast is good for tomorrow, so maybe I'll start on the yard again now that all the rubbish has finally been taken to the tip.

Perhaps I'll leave John in charge of kittens and go to the garden centre to find some shrubs to go into my tubs now, so that they can get established before the Winter sets in.  I'll see how we feel tomorrow when I've examined my bank balance!


Sep. 19th, 2007 12:16 am
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This evening we collected our new kitten Arthur.

He's beautiful, cute and utterly fearless.  He and Bramble are playing nicely.  Phoebe is ignoring him.

Here is his picture, always assuming I manage to put it in here.



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