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I can't believe it!  LJ has just dumped an entire longish post while I was halfway through it.  It didn't save it, either.  Grrrrrr!

It's been absolutely beautiful today, but I've been too poorly to take advantage of it by going out somewhere or even pottering about in the front garden as I'd planned.  I certainly haven't cleaned my deeply filthy car, which I was hoping to do before I take someone out in it tomorrow.  Sigh..........

Yesterday we had one of our bull-days when we blitz the house and even though I left the downstairs including the vilely dirty kitchen to John and Charles and just deep-cleaned the bathroom, I found myself taking Far Too Long to do it, and developing muscle problems in my calves and an ache in my back that made me feel as though I'd broken something.  The others were finished and doing something else long before I'd finished and eventually Charles kindly came in and finished off for me by steaming and washing the floor.

I'm a little worried because these leg pains and awful backache are something new, but I shall mention them at rehab on Wednesday and see what they have to suggest.

I do hope I feel better tomorrow as I'm going on a Poetry Awayday which I've been looking forward to for weeks.  I missed the last one because of my horrible cough!

Another thing I hoped to do today was to cut back all the shrubs by the path in the front garden.  They're so overgrown that people keep getting caught by them, like Triffids and if it's been raining the poor postie gets soaked.  I must try to do it later this week.

Charles and John kindly treated me to a curry take-way last night and although I thoroughly enjoyed it and it wasn't at all hot or anything, I've been having an unpleasantly sour stomach all day.  I can't understand it.  It was mild and delicious and beautifully cooked, so I can't see how it could do that unless I've suddenly become sensitive to large quantities of garlic.  Morgan certainly is;  when he came up for his morning cuddle he shied away and ran off to a safe distance when he smelled my breath.  If he could turn any whiter, I'm sure he would have done so.

I did make an attempt to sit in the yard with a book but it was so hot that after a short while I could feel my arms crisping and I knew I wouldn't stay out there long, so felt too idle to delve in the shed looking for the umbrella.

Something else we must do this summer is sort out the shed and chuck out all the stuff we don't use any more, like Charles' bike and the strimmer and various other things.  I plan to recycle them by using Don'tdumpthat

which is similar to Recycle but which seems to have fewer idiots on it and which you don't have to register with Yahoo for.

I feel rather guilty at wasting such a lovely day, but Charles is going to cook the dinner, the house is extra clean, the bathroom is gleaming, and most of the laundry is done, so I've just sat around resting all afternoon, reading P.K.Dick's The Man in the High Castle and I've entered into a rather pleasant idle fugue where I read a few pages, then prop the book on my chest while I have a little think, then go back to the book for a few pages...........and so forth.  And Charles has just made some tea..........  With the lovely fresh breeze coming in through my clean open window, rattling my dust-free blinds, it feels rather pleasant to just sit around.  I'm sure there's something I should be doing though!

Since I no longer have my plastic greenhouse and since I'm still not sure whether I shall be well enough to use a new one properly, I want to use the shed to start off a few seedlings next spring.  I can't really do it indoors, because there are only two proper windowsills in the whole house and one is in the kitchen and used for washing up liquid and similar stuff.

If I'm feeling better next weekend I plan to go to the garden centre and get some plants for my pots out in the yard.  It doesn't look too bad out there, because my herbs are doing really well, but I'd like to have some flowers as well.  This is virtually the first dry warm weekend we've had, so I've been unable to do it before in case everything died off in a sudden cold snap.  Surely it won't be too cold for plants from now on!

Oh I am looking forward to a day writing at Shepherd's Dene with my friends tomorrow!
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Oh God!  I feel so guilty!

I'm still sitting here in my nightie when even Charles is up and the ice-cream van is prowling the street, in spite of what I'm told is icy rain.

In my defence I should say that I'm not feeling too good after a rotten night.
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Not feeling too good today, in fact I haven't felt well since Thursday.  I expected to feel bad on Thursday because of the looooong day I had on Wednesday, instead of which I woke up bright eyed and bushy-tailed, but ever since I've been feeling lousy.

I've got three things that are driving me nuts.  One is that my arthritis has got very bad in the last few days so much so that I woke myself up screaming with pain on Sunday night because I'd managed to do something to my knee turning over in bed.  I'm taking all the medication I'm allowed and it seems to get better during the day, only to get worse overnight, which is ridiculous.  It seems that I didn't wake anyone else except the cats, which isn't really very reassuring.

The diuretic I'm taking doesn't seem to be working as well as it was, which means my legs feet and ankles are swollen, as well as my hands, and possibly other bits I haven't noticed.  I imagine that this may be making the arthritis worse.

Then this ghastly dry cough I've had for months now has got much worse.  Apparently I'm coughing half the night, certainly I've woken myself up several times feeling as though I'm choking and John and Charles both say that I'm coughing a lot even when I don't wake up.  It's a very strange cough, in that it's like the cough you get when you've had a really bad cold or flu which normally settles down to be a cough producing loads of sputum and which finally goes away as you get better.  But this cough is stuck on the dry, unproductive bit of the progression and no matter how much cough mixture I take, it doesn't get any better or any more productive.

I feel a bit cheated when I remember that I gave up smoking 17 years ago, in the hope I could avoid breathing and chest problems!

I'm pretty sure that it's associated with my heart condition, but whenever I mention it to medical people, they don't see it as a problem.  Well it is one now!  I suppose it might be something to do with some medication I'm taking, but it's been going on for more than a year and getting worse all the time.  It can't be anything extra because I've had so many X-rays and chest scans recently that they would have shown anything nasty.

Another thing is that I'm feeling a bit wobbly this afternoon.  I know that this new medication is meant to reduce my blood pressure and when I took my blood pressure with this new electric machine I bought from the pharmacy as recommended by the quack it was in the realms of perfect, which must be about the only perfect thing about me, so it can't be that.  I've used it several times over the last couple of weeks, so I don't think I've done it wrong.

I'm feeling very mortal again.

Gah!  I'm so fed up with it all!

We seem to have been pretty lucky with the weekend weather.  It certainly snowed on and off on Sunday and yesterday as well, but Saturday was pretty good, and in any case, none of the snow stayed for very long.  It has been quite cold, though and the boiler chose this weekend to start playing up.  It keeps shutting itself off and refusing to start again until someone clicks the button to light the pilot light, then it works for a while and stops again and so on ad infinitum.

The TV aerial is still not working properly so we think we need to replace the coaxial cable from the actual aerial on the roof down to the sitting room.  It's only the TV in the sitting room which is playing up, as the other TVs come off a different branch which Christopher installed, but it's very annoying if we were to want to watch something together.  However, since there's been very little on except for Dr. Who, which, being BBC,  we could receive OK, it hasn't yet been too much of a problem.  I don't like to ask Christopher to clamber about on the roof when it's freezing and windy, but I'll have to ask him to come when he can.

I have a strange advertisement on my posting page inviting me to customise my Zwinky.  I wonder what a Zwinky is.  It looks like some sort of cybernetic dressing up doll like those cardboard ones we had as children with clothes with little tags on which you were meant to dress up the doll with.  I was useless at it.  I could never manage to get the clothes to hang straight.


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