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My parcels have finally arrived and I'm going to have to send my new shoes straight back.

I ordered them in the sale, months ago, but they were out of stock so they promised that I could have them when they were made for the sale price.

Now they've finally turned up, they're too tight over the instep and, believing I would have some new shoes to wear, I've thrown the new catalogue into the recycling.

However, I now have, at last, a proper camera case for my digital camera and a CD of Rock Follies to listen to tonight or tomorrow.

I've just remembered that David and Alison are taking John to the Sage to a brass band concert tomorrow night.

Oh!  And I have a mammogram this afternoon.  Ow!
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Yesterday I got the latest Hotter Shoe catalogue, the one with the really good Summer Sale offers.  I admit that I spent an hour or so mulling over which pair I wanted, but when I rang up, none of them were left in stock in my size, except one pair in an unsuitable colour.  Finally the very helpful sales girl offered me the last pair I asked for at the sale price and with no postage charges, for delivery in mid-December.  As they're the sort of shoes I can wear all year round I accepted.  I had to marvel that they're so popular, because when I mention Hotter shoes to anyone, they always sneer slightly.

I don't know why I'm posting this, except that I want to put off going shopping!
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My mail-order shoes came from The Shoe Tailor today. The colour is absolutely perfect, the little heel is perfect, the only thing wrong is that they are size 4 instead of size 8. I expect it was my fault, as I ordered them at the end of a long day of Internet shopping and I daresay I made a mistake, although how I could have got it so wrong, I can't imagine.

When we got back from the Metrocentre this afternoon, I phoned the help line and ordered another pair, this time the right size. I was worried that they wouldn't be available in the correct size, but it seems they are. Phew!

We went to the Metrocentre to get a new white shirt and a tie for John for The Wedding. When we went a fortnight or so ago, to buy his suit he refused point-blank to get a shirt and tie, saying that he had perfectly good white shirts and ties at home. He got so narky I didn't insist.

When challenged to produce these white shirts and ties, he came in wearing a shirt which gaped across the belly between the buttons and which made him look like Homer Simpson with a beard. The ties were all ancient and very well-used regimental ties which were so well-washed and pressed that you could see the back seam-line through the front of the tie. Well, maybe badly washed and pressed!

As we were going there anyway, I thought I'd have a look for a hat. The ones in M&S were fairly ordinary and rather expensive and the ones in Accessorize were beautiful but far too expensive. There was a raspberry pink straw at £25 which would do, and there were a couple of perfect pale-green straws with twiddly bits and one in raspberry pink too, but the cheapest of those was £50 and the one I really liked was £60, so I decided against it. I think I shall get one from the nice shop I found on eBay. I realised when I tried them on that I shall need to take the hat with me when I get my hair cut, too.

I found a little green pleated-satin clutch bag, exactly the right colour on one of those stalls in the mall, but it was adorned with lots of extra little bits, like the pretty bit from a peacock's tail, and ribbons and shell things. It was altogether too far over the top for me, so I shall definitely make do with the black embroidered fabric bag I bought for less than a fiver in the Green Market a couple of years ago. Oooh! And I've just remembered that somewhere I have a dinky little black patent bucket bag I bought years ago! If the worst came to the worst I could use my other 20-year-old black patent bag with the concealed brass handles, I don't suppose any of the guests would remember it.  It's still in excellent condition.

I need a new handbag anyway, for every-day use and so far I haven't been able to find one I like. I always used to buy "organiser" bags, but there aren't many around nowadays and those there are are far too expensive.  I love the "teardrop" bag I've used for the last several years, but it hasn't worn very well and I leave a little trail of black bits behind me wherever I go, where the shiny surface keeps peeling off the leather.

Tomorrow I have to take the cats to the vet for their boosters and their MOTs.  I had made an appointment to take them last Friday, but I felt so exhausted after the two traumatic days we'd had driving to and from Stoke on Trent that I rearranged the appointment.

On Wednesday I have an appointment to see my lovely lady doctor and I hope she will be able to modify my medication so that I can get soon back to what passes for normal with me.  We're all dying to make holiday arrangements, but I didn't want to do anything until I know how well I'm going to be.  Judging by today's shopping trip where I had to keep stopping for a sit down, not too well, unless the revised medication does the trick.

I do hope the weather stays like this tomorrow so that I can get things done outside.


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