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I'm feeling much better after a really good night's sleep last night which lasted till 11.30 this morning!!

Charles has today received an invoice for his course for £230.  He was expecting not to have to pay and he's declared that he's not going to do the course if he does have to pay, even though I've said I'll put it on my Credit card, and pointed out that £230 for 15 sessions is actually quite a bargain.  I've persuaded him to contact one of his Mental Elves about it, but sadly, he's all too easily put off doing things by this kind of thing happening.

Charles and I went shopping at Lidl this afternoon and I bought some heavenly blue winter-flowering pansies for the pots in the garden, as well as some winter-flowering heather.  Of course, by the time we got home it was pouring with rain, so they won't get planted till Glod knows when, because the forecast for the next three days is ghastly!   At least it's a little warmer today than it was yesterday.

We had a notice of discontinuance of supply from the leccy company today.  As it happens, John had paid the bill yesterday, but I think they have a lbooyd nerve, since it's only a couple of weeks since we had the bill and they haven't bothered with issuing one since February before that while they were still extracting money from my account every month without bothering to let us know where we stand.

We don't suppose we'll get a very much better deal, but John is going to U-Switch tomorrow to change us to a company with hopefully better customer relations and better communications with their customers.  John is still unable to access our account on the Internet, in spite of all the e-mails and phone calls he's made to them about it over a six-month period.  When we've switched, I'm going to nag him to complain to the ombudsman.  John is a bit upset that I'm refusing to use Direct Debits because we get a reduction, but I asked him how much he thought he's spent on telephone calls to the company's 0845 "customer care" telephone number, and he had to admit it was probably quite a lot!

I also pointed out that if we don't have a Direct Debit, he can pay the bill if it comes when I'm broke.  I'm not sure he sees that as a benefit...............  To be fair, I am putting aside a suitable amount in my savings account every month to cover it.

The Local Authority hasn't made any fuss at all about my stopping the Direct Debit, but has merely sent me monthly payment slips for the rest of the year.  This has the advantage of my not having to pay anything for another month, although the amount has gone up to compensate for the 2 missing months.

I still haven't heard from the Pension People about someone coming to help me with Pension Credit and Disability forms.  I will leave it till Monday and then ring again, but I'm feeling rather cross about it.

I'm feeling very tired again, so think I will get to bed now, hoping to sleep well, but wake rather earlier than I did this morning.

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I'm feeling much better today. I had a fairly good night, mainly because I gave in and had the fan on all night, keeping the air cold as I inhaled it. This works, but it's not a permanent solution, mostly because I can't afford to run the fan all night indefinitely, but partly because my conscience nags me. It seems scandalous to me to have a bedroom at 65F or less and still have a fan on all night. Surely there must be some medication which will tackle this lbooyd heat allergy? Otherwise it's only going to get worse and worse as the Summer comes along.

I've been OK most of the day because the heating is off and it's pretty cold. It doesn't actually do my arthritis much good, though. I'm beginning to wonder if I can manage to knit myself some fingerless gloves.

I've decided that the ultra dustiness of my room probably isn't helping and Charles has agreed to give it a thorough wet dust next time I'm out and he's up, things which I fear may not coincide any time soon.

I've given myself the day off from trying to build a web-site. I was supposed to go shopping today, but I can't remember for more than a few minutes at a time anything that I need to buy and haven't got round to a list. I daresay we can have omelettes with little boiled potatoes and salad tonight. Now that Charles has gone back to bed and John is lying down having a snooze, I can remember several things we need, but I feel too lazy to go out own my own now. I know that Charles has run out of gluten-free bread, but if he's too idle to make some more, I'm not trogging all the way over to the big Tesco's to get some. I need to make some bread for John and me, too. Maybe I'll go downstairs and make our bread when I've finished blogging. I fancy some muffins too, but haven't anything interesting to put in them except raspberries which I think is a bit of a waste and which I'd rather have au naturel (the raspberries, not me), with cream or ice cream.

I've more or less finished my writing group homework, except for giving it a final polish later, so I'm looking for something to read, but none of the books in my to-read pile grab me at the moment. Maybe we'll have a trip to Barter Books at the weekend!

I fancy something like a Pratchett novel or a Neil Gaiman book. Perhaps it's time to re-read Witches Abroad! They're serialising Mort late at night on BBC7 at the moment, which is a joy.

Ooo! Maybe I should read Maskerade again. I haven't read that for ages.

Charles has burst in and demanded to know if I'm going to have to pay £500 to drive my car. I have no idea what he's talking about, but my luck being what it is lately, I bet if anyone has to, I shall.

The Spring's not up to much here so far. My flowering currant which is usually covered in flowers had barely any blossom, nor has the spiraea which was such a wonderful picture last year. The bluebells haven't even budded yet and none of bulbs have so much as come up. Next door's cherry tree doesn't have anywhere near as much blossom as usual, so I'm waiting with bated breath for the prunus over the road to blossom, because it usually has so much that the ground beneath it looks as though there's been snow.

One of our kitchen spotlight strips has given up the ghost, in spite of John going out and buying a new soldering iron and solder and repairing it, so we have to decide what to do. If we want to be cheeseparing greens, we should replace the dead one with a new low-energy fitting and keep the other non-matching one until it dies, but it will look odd. Neither of us likes throwing things out unless they're done for, but I'm finding this a quandary, as I want my kitchen to have matching light fittings. Perhaps we can find one much larger one which will do the job of two of them.  I'm bored to tears by the very thought of going round B&Q  looking at light fittings.
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I'm amazed at how much better I feel today. I'm feeling much less breathless going up the stairs and I think I can walk a bit further without having to stop for a rest, although It's difficult to tell when you're shopping, because it is, of its nature, all stopping and starting.

I went shopping to Costco and normally that would wipe me out, especially as it was so crowded today, but I went shopping at Lidl as well afterwards.

I was hoping to get some of the hare portions Lidl had advertised, but there were none. However, I was lucky enough to find another cheap goose, so roll on Easter Day!

I bought John's and Charles' Easter Eggs at Costco. I'm pretty sure that by this time last year they had hardly any left, but there was lots of choice this year. I bought John a large Cadbury's Mini-eggs one, and a Guylian egg with three different small boxes of chocolates for Charles. I was pleasantly surprised to find belly pork in the meat section so I bought some so that Charles can make Fabada and we can both make Boston Baked Beans.

In Lidl I saw some treat sticks for cats so I bought some, thinking that they probably wouldn't like them very much, but they all went nuts for them. In fact Bramble and Phoebe had a squabble over them. I shall definitely have to get some more.

I finally managed to get the MyClassicFM player to work more than 50% of the time, so I'm quite pleased about it as theJazz is going off the air next weekend.  Sob! Wail! Gnash!   It's terribly slow though and it must leave at least 2 minutes of dead time between the end of one piece and the beginning of the next.  It's better than nothing, I suppose, but it makes me so cross that I have to use Internet Explorer to listen to it.  I never use it for anything else and it really annoys me to have to use it for this.  Maybe later on I shall be able to use Firefox with it.  The other annoying thing is that every 60 minutes it asks if you want to continue listening, and if you've left the PC for the moment, and don't ask it to continue, it stops and it's next to impossible to get it working again.

Today I removed Firefox3mumble-beta-mumble from my PC as it would only run with gigantic pages and no matter what I did I couldn't make it run permanently at a reasonable size page.  In addition, none of my add-ons would work with it, and to cap it all, it started up when I was trying to start my old version, so it had to go for the time being.

Charles says that he feels much better too and doesn't seem to be having any problems with cake-withdrawal symptoms.

I'm feeling pretty happy tonight.  Ooops!  I still haven't listened to my two other new CDs.


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