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My netbook arrived today the keyboard is fine, but I simply couldn't get on with the mouse pad, so I went to Maplin's and bought a teeny weeny plug-and-pray USB optical mouse and a replacement for my lost data stick, which is twice as commodious as the lost one but more than twice as expensive..........Sigh!   What's the betting the other one turns up shortly?

I simply couldn't get Windows to find our wireless network, although it found umpteen others in the neighbourhood, but of course, the instant I had to give in and ask Charles' help, there it was, poking its tongue out at me.

I've spent the last couple of hours downloading Firefox, Windows Updates and an antivirus program,  virus-checking the entire netbook, just in case, and I'm about to download a copy of my novel writing program, so I shall be ready to go when I next go to the library, or even decide to write something out in the garden.  I don't intend to buy another copy of Agent, since I don't do Usenet any more and I doubt whether I shall be using it for E-mail very often, so I'm wondering about using Outlook Express, although as far as I can see when watching John using it, it's a pile of poo!  Anyone have any suggestions for a good, light-weight free e-mail program?  Light-weight is best, because the tiny little thing only has 0.98 GB RAM RAM, although, now I come to think of it, that's only 0.27 GB less than this PC!

Now that I have it, I've fallen in love with it and no longer feel the slightest bit guilty for being so extravagant

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I went to the Lit & Phil this afternoon, for the first time for months and while there a saw a pretty girl using a really nice-looking netbook;  I asked her about it and she told me that she bought it for an unbelievably low price from Curry's in Northumberland St.  It was just what I want because it uses Windows XP and my novel writing program only runs with Windows.

So when I got home, I went online and found it at almost the same low price she told me about, because it is reconditioned.  It does, however have a year's guarantee and could only be bought online, with no delivery fees.

So after humming and hawing and discussing it with Charles and John, and looking at the prices on Amazon and eBay,  I've ordered a reconditioned Advent 4211 XP Intel Atom
on my poor overworked Credit Card.  It is allegedly "Professionally checked, tested, refurbished to a like-new standard and offered to me at a fantastic saving"  They even spelled "professionally" correctly!  That had to be an omen! In fact, considering I haven't been to the Lit & Phil for months and the day I return, this dear little student happened to be there to tell me all about it, it was obviously Meant To Be.

It will be great to have it and I may spend more time at the Lit & Phil when I have it, because it will be much lighter to carry than my ring-binder with all the novel stuff on it.  Who knows, I may actually get more written than when I stay at home, because, let's face it, I'm very easily distracted!

If anyone thinks it's a pile of poo, please don't tell me!

It's been another grey cold day today, with the occasional drop of rain, otherwise I would probably have spent the afternoon in the yard;  it would have been a great deal cheaper!

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Cross posted from theladiesloos

I need a small, very light, transportable computer.

I want to take it to the library with me, so I need it to be small and very light since my medical conditions make it difficult to carry anything heavy.  I doesn't have to be very advanced or have loads of whizz-bang apps., because mainly I want to be able to use it for my writing, as, owing to arthritis, my handwriting has become so bad that I can't read things back in order to copy them to the PC.  It would be quite nice if it were wifi enabled so that I could send e-mail and maybe look stuff up on the Internet, although the latter is not so important since I shall be in a very well-stocked library.  Of course, it's possible that I will get so enchanted with it that I will want to take it elsewhere for other purposes, although I don't know what they might be yet.

I need it to have a Windows OS, preferably XP, as the writing program I use for my novel is made for Windows. I also need to be able to install that program on the machine so that I can keep everything up to date.  I understand that some such notebooks/netbooks don't have any way of installing other programs, but that some have the ability to have things installed via a data stick.

It would be nice if it had a good long battery life when in use.

Naturally I don't want to spend any more money that I can avoid and I wouldn't mind buying second hand provided that I could be sure of what I was getting, but this presupposes that I know what I want and I have to admit that I've rather lost sight of new developments in the computer world.

So I'm hoping someone may have helpful informatiom for me.


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