May. 10th, 2009

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I cannot express how sickened and depressed I feel about the recent revelations of MPs' and Ministers' expenses claims, probably because there's no way in the world that I can have any influence over this load of robber-barons.

How they have the colossal nerve to claim non-taxable and highly fanciful sums for gardening and cleaning, let alone any of their other flights of fancy, which are higher than the yearly State Pension, while at the same time taxing part of it, is totally beyond me.

They can either have absolutely no idea, or more likely couldn't care less about how difficult people find it to manage and how every year the sums paid as pensions and benefits are eroded by the inflation the politicians refuse to acknowledge other than to massage the figures.

But it can't only be people like me who are outraged by their thievery;  people newly on the dole as a result of the gummint's financial fiasco must be feeling sickened and angry too.  People worried about losing their homes because, through no fault of their own, they have been sacked from companies who can no longer afford to employ them, must be thinking about bloody revolution and putting this load of thieves up against the wall in front of a firing squad.  Then there are the self-employed in service industries who are getting no call for their services but who still have to pay for the costs of their business or sink back into unemploymentWhat about the school leavers who are unable to get any kind of employment and who aren't even eligible for Job Seekers' Allowance?

I'm also angry and aggrieved because I know that these conditions will reverse the recent improvement in crime statistics in areas of deprivation and that the people being burgled and mugged will in the main be those self-same people who have come to grief as a result of the government's massive financial failure.

I find it difficult to believe that government has once again allowed itself to be led astray by hubris and a weak grasp of economics so that the ordinary
hard-working families Flash Gordon pretends to espouse and support should once again suffer the problems bought about by a government which wants to control everything yet doesn't understand what it is doing, while they continue riding the gravy train at our expense.

What makes them think that they are such a bargain that it's OK for them to claim on expenses things for two separate homes that many of their constituents
cannot afford for one?  How many massive TV sets can one family watch?

Why do they think it's acceptable to claim enormous sums for "maintenance" of their "second" homes, while I and many other people I know can't even afford to have their leaking roofs mended or to replace draughty windows in their only home.

It's a shame the British people are so placid.  I am surprised that many of us aren't considering dealing with these carpetbaggers as Ceausescu's Romanians dealt with him when they finally realised what he had done to them.

If it were up to me, I wouldn't allow anyone to become a member of Parliament who hadn't spent at least 10 years in gainful employment in commerce or industry, followed by six months trying to survive on such "benefits" as they would be eligible for when suddenly made unemployed at the end of that period.

Sorry about the rant, but keeping it all in is making me ill.

Picks up soap box and walks away sobbing................


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