Mar. 22nd, 2009

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We had a lovely drive out to Hadrian's Wall on Friday, and after a sandwich lunch at the Twice Brewed, we went to Cawfields again.  It's always lovely there, but I made a great effort to walk a couple of hundred yards, with several stops for rest, and was really disappointed to see absolutely no sign of Spring, not a bud, not an unfolding leaf, none of the bunnies who are usually there, nothing at all except for one greater celandine!

Everywhere is brown, like dead grass and I can't believe that nothing's happening at all;  it seems as though the place is frozen into Winter, despite all the lovely weather and higher temperatures we've had recently.  The only sign of life was a pair of pied wagtails and also a pair of Canada Geese, who terrified me by taking off from some hidden place by the water and flying straight over my head, very low, while honking loudly.  Even my lovely robin was missing.

There was some entertainment, though.  A youngish chap walked along the path as though going towards The Wall, then vaulted over the dry-stone wall and started climbing the very precipitous side of the Whin Sill.  He must be very fit because he practically ran up it.  I can remember when I used to be able to do that.........Sigh!

I took some photographs of him standing on the top.  He then descended the other side and made his way round the other side of the quarry to emerge back in the car-park over another dry-stone wall, having made the entire circuit, including the climb in less than 10 minutes.  Maybe Spring is here after all!

Yesterday John and I went to Morrisons and spent a small fortune.  It seemed much pleasanter than usual, no squalling brats, no long strings of Geordie families holding each other's hands and blocking the aisles.  There was a constant procession of young women coming, grabbing a Mother's Day bouquet and leaving immediately.  Not only was it a much pleasanter experience than usual, but I got everything I wanted.

Last night Charles cooked king prawns, chicken and mackerel goujons with lemon, garlic and paprika - absolutely delicious;  we had some of his wonderful chips as well.  I started off a breast of lamb dish with beans, similar to one posted by [Bad username or unknown identity: ramtops,]  in the slow cooker and turned it off at bed time.  At lunchtime today I took the top inch off and degreased it with boiling water in a sieve, then reheated it all and carried on cooking it in the slow cooker for another 6 hours.  It was wonderful!

Oh well!  Work tomorrow,  On Wednesday I have Eileen coming for me to go over the writing group's accounts, as I promised, before she hands them over to someone else.  I shall be so relieved to have finished with the Committee!  Then, sadly, on Thursday I have Gillian's last class.  I should be going to the gym on Friday.  I haven't been for three weeks, what with eye operations, my horrid cold, and then playing hookey to go out for the day.

Charles was very apologetic because he forgot Mother's Day, but tells me he will make it up to me at a later date!


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