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I'm feeling a bit blue today.  And I also feel mean and guilty.

On Saturday John and our friends are going to York to an air show where they are going to fly a Lancaster bomber.  I think it may be one of the new ones they've recently built, but I don't know.

A wants to go because her father was crew in one in WW2 and miraculously survived when the rest of his crew didn't;  D naturally wants to go where his wife goes.  John loves air-shows.

D has a mobility scooter but it's too big to go either into his boot or ours, so, of course, I've had to volunteer not only the use of Lucy, but Libby too.  I shall be almost entirely housebound for the whole of Saturday.  Their car will be outside the house, but I'm not insured to use it. 

No-one has even said thank you yet, let alone considered that I might like to go now that I have a mobility scooter.  I haven't been able to go on these little jaunts for ages because I couldn't walk very far and can't stand still in one place for more than a few seconds so the three of them have got used to going out together without me.

I'm sure they would all feel horrified if they knew how I'm feeling and I don't feel as though I can even say anything about it to John or Charles;  they've all just got used to the status quo!

I feel really mean about this and although I have to admit that I'm not really interested in air shows, I do like to go on days out to places where they have interesting stalls of things to buy and in having lunch out with my friends and maybe visiting a pub or the beer-tent.

As it is, I shall be staying at home waiting for a Sainsbury's delivery of very expensive Gluten Free foodstuffs for Charles, and because John is broke at the moment, I shall have to fill the car with diesel on Friday and give/lend him £50 for expenses on the day.

I feel so resentful.  I am just a horrible person!

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It was lovely having my Sis here for a week, even though the weather was mostly horrid.

We went to the city centre with Charles to look at the shops, which I haven't done for years, but am now able to do, thanks to the electric scooter.  I bought a cheap lampshade for the last naked bulb in the house, (after only nine years!!) and my Sis bought some clothes.  She treated us to a very nice lunch in..... John Lewis, was it?  I can't remember now.

We invited David over for an evening meal on Saturday as Alison has gone to Sarf Efrica with Eva for a three-week jolly.  She had telephoned David that very day from the Victoria Falls, which I know isn't in SA, but which was included in the holiday.

We went to Barter Books which was a bit of a disappointment as it was a very wet day and the place was so full of braying middle-class people and their noisy revolting brats with gnats' attention spans, that it wasn't as pleasant as usual.  We might have gone to Amble as well if the weather hadn't been so dreadful.  I do hope they all get richer again quickly rather than hang about in this country ruining it for the rest of us.  I do understand that you have to find something to do with the kids when it's pouring with rain, but Barter Books wouldn't have been my first choice.  The children couldn't have been less interested in the books and the smaller ones spent their time tearing around the stacks almost knocking people over, while the older girls spent theirs texting their friends, presumably telling them how bored they were.

We had a trip to Lindisfarne on Sunday.  That was also very crowded, but it was a lovely day and we enjoyed ourselves in a gentle quiet way.  Sis went up to Gertrude Jekyll's castle gardens and I might have done too, except that the cobbles made it such a bumpy ride that I retreated and sat watching the water in the sunlight, taking a few photographs.  That's another good thing about having the scooter - it stops me swaying about so much when trying to take a picture!

We had a day at the Metrocentre with Charles, where we had tapas for lunch, courtesy of my Sis, I bought some sorely-needed knickers, reduced so that I got six pairs for £10, which I thought was a bargain.  We bought books in Waterstone's, except Charles, who couldn't find anything he wanted.

Anyway, now that she's gone, I'm feeling a bit blue.  The weather's horrid - warm but completely overcast and it doesn't make me feel like doing anything.

On Thursday I went for my first appointment with the psychologist, where I explained how difficult I'm finding it adjusting to a life where I can't do anything spontaneously, and mostly not the things I really want to do, such as going walking in Kielder.  She thinks she may be able to help me and I'm seeing her again in three weeks.

On Thursday Morgan spent the entire day in Adrian's yard and house, as Isla was at home to play with.  I was a little concerned that she was feeding him, as I don't want him to start eating away from home.  Charles was alarmed by the whole thing and wouldn't let any of the cats out all day yesterday, even poor good little Phoebe, who never ever strays.

Today Adrian and Sandra are getting married.  I'm not sure where it's happening except that it's somewhere along the coast where they have a mobile holiday home.  They were having last-minute panics yesterday and left the keys behind.  John went next-door to get them with our key, but in the end the best man didn't turn up to collect them as they found a spare key at the other home.

I'm not feeling too good today.  In fact I haven't felt very good ever since my Sis went back.  Sadly, I wasn't very well on her last day and couldn't even go to the airport to see her off.  Today I'm not so breathless, but my stomach feels a bit upset and I'm feeling really irritable.

Oh well!  I can't put it off any longer.  I suppose I shall have to go shopping, buggrit!


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