Apr. 3rd, 2009

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I finally managed to get to the gym today for my cardiac rehab class.  I haven't been for weeks for various reasons.  I wasn't quite over my eye lasering, I caught a horrid sniffle from someone at the hospital, then had a horrible hacking coff after the sniffles and last week i just didn't feel like it.

I got there late because I was late getting up and then got lost in the Eldon Square Mall, but I did about an hour of very gentle exercise, followed by 10 minutes relaxation and I feel much better for it.  It's really nice there because rather than encouraging you to go for the burn, they encourage you to take it fairly easily and not get overtired, to do the exercises sitting down if you don't feel up to doing them standing.  It doesn't really feel as though I've done much exercise, but it's certainly lifted my mood!

I expect my arm muscles to ache tomorrow because I did some stuff with a medicine ball and don't think I realised quite how heavy it was till I started to feel exhausted.  Last time the tops of my thighs at the front ached like billyo, just from doing stepping while sitting down.

When I left the gym, I went to get some cash from the bank and then realised that today was the day for Farmer's Market, so I got John two bottles of bitter from Wylam brewery, plus a proper lager for me and Charles to share.  It was rather more expensive at £2 a bottle than what we're used to buying, but it may well be good for special occasions such as Christmas.  We shall have to taste it first, of course.  Apparently you can buy it direct  from the brewery, provided you ring up to make sure there's someone there first.

I'm putting something under a cut so as not to gross out squeamish vegetarians.

Don't read this if you're a squeamish vegetarian )

I never know whether my cut has worked because it doesn't show up on Preview or on one's own journal.

I've only just realised that Easter is only 10 days away and I haven't bought any Easter eggs for anyone yet. I wonder whether Costco have any left...... I would like to make hot cross buns and a simnel cake as well, but must look for recipes using GF flour.    Sigh!.............  Still, never mind, it's the marzipan that counts, after all.


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