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Hurrah!........... I hope!

MyClassicFM player
seems to have miraculously started working. Mind you, I had started to write this post a few minutes ago, when it had a sudden hiccup, but it's started up again, which augurs well.

It's quite slow; there's an interval of at least a minute between recordings, but on the other hand, there's no aural advertising, except for that for Classic FM itself, so I think I can live with that! If I have the whole page showing there's a certain amount of visible advertising, but since I don't plan to sit at the PC gazing at the thing, that won't bother me, so long as it doesn't slow down the PC.

Now it remains to be seen what will happen when I get the hourly message asking whether I want to continue, or when I log off and log on again.

I did see something in the Telegraph yesterday about how some people, mostly those downloading whole films or TV programmes, are having problems with either Internet connection speed, or the charges they're incurring for downloading, so, although I don't pay extra for downloading, I am wondering how much bandwidth streaming radio takes up and whether it will affect my PC's performance.

Of course, I shan't be able to listen to it in bed as I fall asleep, which is a bit of a hooter, but beggars....................... etc. And it is free!  I shall have to revert to Rajo3 for snooze time, but they often have some quite difficult music that you have to listen to at that time of night, as opposed to just letting it wash you out to the Sea of Slumber!

I haven't had an answer to my last e-mail to Classic FM about the problem, but they certainly seem to have addressed the issue, so maybe I was one of many.

I also see that they have streams of other stuff I might like to listen to. They have an opera stream, and a baroque stream, even a stream of Music for studying! Do I dare change over to another channel and then try to get back to the Jazz channel?

Oooo!  Trumpet Tune by Purcell and Jeremiah Clark.  One of my faves!

Ooops!  I don't think that's opera!

Oh dear!  I appear to have hootered the entire thing now.  Serves me right for being greedy!

Phew!  At least I've got the Jazz channel back, for now at least.
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I didn't go to my writing course yesterday because I woke with awfully painful knees and I just knew that if I did go it would ruin the rest of Easter for me, particularly as we were going to go to the gallery and I would have had to do a lot more walking and standing than usual.

John had a very long day yesterday. He had no sooner got back from a trip to Leeds when he got another job from Cramlington to Walsall and didn't get home till 11.00 pm. Even so he was awake before me this morning.

Today I feel rather a lot better, but I still haven't been shopping because John went to Morrison's at about 10.00 am and the place was swarming already. He thought I would find it intolerable, and I expect I would have done, too. So we'll have to get up early and go shopping tomorrow morning. I hate shopping !! I HATE SHOPPING !!

At least I've already got John's and Charles' Easter Eggs!

I've done absolutely nothing today. I really meant to make Penny's Impossible Orange cake, but I shall have to do it tomorrow afternoon now. I still can't decide whether to buy Hot Cross Buns or make some. I didn't even cook dinner, because Friday night's kebab night, isn't it?

When I say I've done nothing today, I have in fact spent several hours trying to make MyClassicFM Player work. I also spent hours trying to find a freeware program to find out IE's Content Supervisor password, because I wondered if the Content Supervisor was the problem.

I hadn't personally put any password in, so Micro$oft must have done it for me. When I tried to log in without a password, it gave me the coy little hint "What's the password, dummy?", which had me trying things like "Sooty" and "puppet" and variations thereof. In the end Charles guessed it. The password was "password". Now if I were to have taken that seriously and looked at it logically, the password should have been "What", shouldn't it?

Anyway setting Content Advisor or Supervisor or whatever it's called at a non-existent level, where I can view all kinds of evil and perversion made no difference whatsoever.

So far I have spent hours updating Windows XP, downloading and applying all the patches and SP2. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Internet Explorer. I have downloaded and installed the latest version of Windows Media Player. I have downloaded and installed Firefox 3.beta summatorother because it was the only version which would work with the IE emulator (recommended by Classic FM Help desk), except that it didn't and screwed up the display. I uninstalled Firefox 3 betasummatorother, and finally today, I spent the afternoon seeking password assistance and altering IE Content Advisor/Supervisor.

Nothing Bloody Well Works !!
Sob!! Wail !! Gnash !!

What I have found is that Windows Media Player gives me access to lots of world-wide radio stations including several jazz stations, so I shall be listening to those instead when theJazz finally goes off air if I can't get this hootering MyClassicFM Player to work.

It's been snowing for a little while and the ground has a light powdering, but it's stopped again now. I do hope it's not too bad tomorrow when I have to go shopping. All I need is to slip and hooter up my knee/hip/back again.

Charles went to his ECDL course again on Wednesday and when he came back he was complaining about how boring it was, but I found out that he had been doing Excel spreadsheets, and had never done them before! I find that extraordinary since one of the things he did for GCSE was allegedly some sort of IT course. He knows quite a lot about computers and how to install hardware and so forth and also about Windows, but apparently hasn't used Excel, Word or Access or anything similar.

Well, actually, I know that he used to use a word processor at the office to write letters and send out bills, but I can't remember what it was. I shall have to ask him about that tomorrow. It may have been Lotus WordPro.

Even if he doesn't keep going to this course, I shall personally make sure he knows how to use Word, Excel and Access at least a little, because if he wants any kind of job, he needs to be able to use these things. Anyway, he should enjoy it. He's the only person I know who keeps an enormous collection of CDs in alphabetical order. I think I might try to persuade him to categorise the enormous quantity of electronic music he's made.

I must go to bed.  I really must get up early and go shopping.  UGH !!


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